Arts Lab 3.0.: Leire Saenz - July in Târgu Frumos

It’s already been two months since I arrived in Târgu Frumos and I have this constant feeling that I’ve been here forever, at the same time I feel as lost as I felt in the airport at Bucharest when I stepped in this country for the first time.

During the month of July I had the opportunity to create, with the help of some local volunteers, the Media Lab Club. The first day we met was amazing, everyone was enjoying the creation and sharing process. I feel like this club will be a great opportunity to learn for all of us and I cannot wait to see what it will bring us.

Even though I feel really grateful for being here, I am still adjusting myself. Every day, every workshop, every activity, every person we work with is an opportunity to learn something new.

We had our On-arrival training while ASIRYS was hosting a youth exchange. It is so sad that we had to do it online, but I got the chance to meet some people that are living similar experiences to mine all around Romania, and hopefully we will be able to meet in the future. Even though I wasn’t able to spend as much time as I would’ve liked to with the people involved in Craftastic, the youth exchange, the time I shared with them was great and I met some incredible people.

Every night during Craftastic, we had Intercultural nights. I loved to learn a bit more about different countries and their cultures. The Romanian night was my favorite; it was so nice to finally try traditional dishes (I LOVED THE SARMALE ALEXANDRA’S MUM COOKED FOR US) and to learn some dances. The local volunteers tried their best to have a great night and they did it great!

Sometimes I miss home and my people, but overall, I am happy to be here now, and to know that I am surrounded by people that look after me.

An article written by Leire Saenz Quevedo. She is volunteering within Arts Lab 3.0 project, funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.