Arts Lab 3.0.: Leire Saenz - Still learning

It’s already been three months since I arrived in Târgu Frumos and I have this constant feeling that I’ve been here forever, at the same time I feel as lost as I felt in the airport at Bucharest when I stepped in this country for the first time.

There are things in this place which I am slowly getting used to, like sleeping without blinders and waking up to the sunlight, or walking on the streets of Târgu Frumos and seeing familiar faces. And very slowly but surely, the language. Nevertheless, there are other things that I will never get used to, as the way people drive in this country, the unbearable hot weather we have had during the summer and the cold one we are waiting to have during the next months. But overall, the thing I am struggling with the most to get used to, is living so far away from the warmth of my people.

The month of August was full of new experiences and emotions. Folcloristica was an exhausting but really enriching experience for every person that was part of it. I really enjoyed learning a bit more about the people that surrounds me through folklore, culture and traditions while also being able to share a small piece of my own culture with them. I feel so grateful for the way people from Ciurbești welcomed us, for opening the doors of their home to us and sharing with us something that is so important to them.

Days after Folcloristica, we also got the opportunity to visit Ruginoasa and be part of the workshops they hold there. Learning to do macrame and dancing with the kids was such a nice experience. For the first time I got to have a (really basic and a really far away from correct) conversation in Romanian with some kids that were part of the workshops. I remember that moment as one of the most especial ones for me. Some of the kids were interested in learning to use my camera and I tried to explain the basics to them, while they practiced. We finished our day with a walk through the town, and after that, we gathered around a small fire Krista started. We sang and chatted for a while, and after that we said goodbye to everyone, promising that would not be the last time seeing each other.

I am still learning and enjoying myself. I try to share knowledge and the things that I love with the people I meet. I know I am lucky for being here, living this experience.

An article written by Leire Saenz Quevedo. She is volunteering within Arts Lab 3.0 project, funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.