Arts Lab 3.0.: Demet Durdu - September, cold & busy

September was a sad month for me. The weather got cold, the greens turned yellow, and everything made me feel melancholic. With the cold weather, I am seeking for  warm places and in September was a bit complicated to find them. I am definitely not used with cold season, but I hope I will get used with it. That's the reason why probably I felt a bit home sick.

Our 5th volunteer friend from Turkey joined us. I can say that speaking my own language with her saved me from feeling lonely. It was busy month, workshops, workshops, school workshops and exhibition preparations, all these activities were as intense as possible. 

As we started to work to an artistic exhibition, I started doing research about the Romanian ceramic history. I knew that Romanian Cucuteni ceramics was famous. I researched in more detail and started to apply the patterns. I made experiments and I designed the patterns that were integrated with my work. I created the models. I embroidered the Cucuteni patterns I made with the sgraffito technique. Finally, the ceramics were ready when they were baked in the oven. I'm looking forward to the exhibition.

Written by Demet Durdu, volunteer within Arts Lab 3.0 project,  funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.    


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