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Arts Lab 3.0: Demet Durdu - Learning by doing

We started March with the farewell of Leire and Krista. We were so sad they left. We had a great time together and I would like to be with them for the rest of my life. After the girls left, Giyum came to the project from France. We met him and got along very well, we had a lot of fun together and we created nice activities together. We prepared the presentation of our own country on ago-tourism and started to organize the garden of our house in the Cucuteni. We worked as a group, had fun, and got tired. We used to relieve our tiredness with funny conversations. Everyone did their best and together we did a great job.  At the same time, we went to Târgu Frumos schools and introduced volunteerism. This has been one of my favorite activities. We met many young people. And now we know most of the young people in Târgu Frumos.  Starting with this month, I am working in the field of entrepreneurship. We started to produce ceramics with the volunteers of this department. We will raise funds

Arts Lab 3.0: Demet Durdu - The day has come

The day we've been waiting for a long time has come and we opened the Cucuteni Alternative Museum in Târgu Frumos. I made and presented different ceramic art-works inspired by the Cucuteni cultural heritage. People from other cities came to our opening, there was great interest. We did the best with the help of local volunteers. It was also exciting to exhibit my replicas together with the original art pieces at Muzeul Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza'' from Iași. February has been the last month of the project for two international volunteers. It was hard to say goodbye because we lived together for 7 months, so we started feeling as a family. We promised each other that we would meet again one day. We held a farewell party, a Romanian night and we welcomed our new volunteer friend from France. In February we worked hard, had fun, grieved, laughed and said goodbye. I will spend the remaining 3 months to the fullest and continue to collect memories. I embrace the future

Arts Lab 3.0: Demet Durdu - Unforgettable memories

I mentioned several times in my previous reports, that I started working on creating replicas after some of the most important Cucuteni masterpieces. In January I have advanced with the works and produced in a more disciplined way. I combined the information I gathered as a result of my research and applied it to the clay. I spent a month that I will never forget because I have gained an amazing experience. I am proud of the realization of our project that we have planned and thought about for a long time. We shared with people, Cucuteni history in a creative manner. We left an alternative museum for the future. The name of it is Cucuteni Alternative Museum. I will always remember the moments we spent as a team while opening the experiential museum. We found a way to make each other smile even we were a bit stressed. Each piece of work gathers great effort, dreams, and excitement. When I will leave, the works I have made on this land will still live. I am grateful for having this oppor

Arts Lab 3.0: Demet Durdu - First snow

The first snow of the year fell in December. At first, it looked like a postcard everywhere. It was very nice, it gave you a good feeling to have your coffee and look at the snow by the window. But things changed when I went out. In some places, the snow reached my knees and I was very surprised. Then I thought, how will I live if this happens all the time? Fortunately, the snow melted, the sun came out and I started to feel better. December has been exciting for us. Christmas and New Year excitement. We drew the lottery and everyone bought presents for each other. I was working in the ceramic studio that day and I was covered in dust. We gathered at the youth center to give each other presents. First, a very moving video was made for Krista. I was so excited about Krista's video that I couldn't help but shed tears. My secret Santa was Leire and when I found out, I had the shock of my life. I did not expect it. She made a collage of 600 photos that we took together and share th

Arts Lab 3.0: Demet Durdu - Building a museum

In November I realized that I feel completely adapted to Romania. I went to my country to visit my family  and I can say that I overcome my ''dor''. While I was in Turkey, I realized how I missed this place. My friends, town, ACT House.  After my return, we went to the workshop of the painter Gheorghe Ciobanu, like every week. He teaches us his own techniques and we spend a pleasant time together. The peace and atmosphere of the place is so different that I can't really describe it. We started going to a new school this month, Ion Creangă school. We met Roma children. I can say that this month has been quite busy.  There were 2 cities I was curious about and I had the opportunity to see it. We went to the Transylvania region, Sibiu and Braşov. Brașov has already become one of my favorite cities.  Leire held a basque night to promote her country.We continue to collect many memories together. We prepared Basque dishes and shared the excitement of Leire. We will also h

Arts Lab 3.0.: Demet Durdu - Artists & Museums

In October we opened our exhibition with excitement and effort. We worked, we got tired, but we enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to present my works about Târgu Frumos. During the exhibition, we made an opening speech, explaining and giving information about our works and creative process. We also did short workshops at the same time. In my case, I asked the visitors to paint Târgu Frumos on a ceramic tile, connecting them to the subject of our exhibition. After the exhibition, we went to Cucuteni. I met there Ionela Sandrina Mihuleac, an amazing ceramist. After seeing Cucuteni and meeting its artists, I had new ideas. It helped me to form a new perspective for the Alternative Cucuteni Museum - a new exhibition we work on. Cucuteni is a peaceful world in lush nature, whereas artists can only think and produce. The perfect studio, in an immaculate nature... This month we visited Gheorghe Ciobanu once per week, in his 2-story studio made entirely of wood. A warm atmosphere welcomed us. It w