Arts Lab 3.0.: Kubra Akarsu - part of the team

October was the month for me to adapt to the project, the country, and new people. We started with a busy period at the beginning of October. We prepared an exhibition with our other teammates by working on artworks depicting our personal idea about what is beautiful in Târgu Frumos, translated as ''Beautiful Fair Town''. By presenting our products to local volunteers, we understood each other better and got good feedback. 

Right after, we visited the Cucuteni museum to gather more information about Cucuteni, the subject of the next exhibition we will prepare.

This month, I met an artist and went to his house, and started participating in activities on drawing. 

We organized a final exhibition for the Butea school, where the organisation did workshops for a long time. This event was an important one both for us and for the children we work with. Exhibiting the artworks they produced with us reinforced their creativity and self-confidence In this event, which we held with the participation of families, we performed our traditional dances and played specific children's games from our country. Here I had the opportunity to experience the Traditional Romanian dance and it taught me more about this culture.

I continued the architectural workshops that I held with local volunteers individually every week. I did workshops on perspective drawing, interior design, and landscape design. We spent most of our time in the youth center due to the school break due to Covid. During this time, new students came from two different schools. We played interactive games with them and talked about Asirys projects, about the workshops and exhibitions we had. This was really helpful because these students started to participate in our next events.

In the last week, we started planning about our next exhibition Cucuteni. We made designs about Cucuteni and watched documentaries. We wrote stories on this topic and shared them with each other. We determined the materials and came up with some design ideas for the Cucuteni Alternative Museum. This month was a busy month in which I focused on the project in general, and felt part of the team. 

An article written by Kubra Akarsu. She is volunteering within Arts Lab 3.0, a project funded by the European Solidarity Corps, with the support of the European Union.



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