Arts Lab 5.0: Violeta Roca, Spain - Month 2

This month we finished the first museum, we had so many free days and we started with the second museum which is Cucuteni, doing the residency in a new school. To be honest, this month has been a little more complicated than the first one for me as I’ve been feeling a little bit bored, maybe because at our first month we’ve done so many amazing things and really intense like the festival and this month we’ve just been doing school residences.

Finishing the first residence and museum felt really good and I’m proud of what we are creating together, I think it was a special moment for all of us and we’ve also celebrated.

I’ve learned so many things. Something that surprised me is that I’ve learned to like cooking, as we had more free time I’ve started spending more time preparing good dishes and I really like how I’m improving my cooking abilities. Also I feel a lot more confident while speaking in English than when I arrived. I used my leading skills which usually I don’t like to use, but the other day I organized a whole meeting about the house organisation and I feel proud about it because I’m never motivated on doing these things but this time I tried and it went well.

I really liked the day we went to visit Suceava, we don’t go to many places together out of the project and it’s something I really enjoy.

I want to always act from my heart and be more transparent and involved with the new people from the workshop that we meet.

It didn’t was a very exciting month and it didn’t happened so much but now I feel really motivated and excited for the next month and for all what will come, I think that many amazing crazy things are waiting for us and I’m prepared for living all of this adventure and take as much as I can from all these moments. I’m happy to be a volunteer, I really believe in this way of living and what we are doing here.

Violeta Roca is from Spain, and she is participating in a six-month volunteering program within Arts Lab 5.0, a project co-funded by the European Union through the European Solidarity Corps.


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