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Arts Lab 5.0: Violeta Roca, Spain - Month 5

This month I can say that I enjoyed so much. It’s been so much movement and very dynamic, with lots of different things happening. First of all, I’ve could recover a lot my energy after my friend visit, it made me so happy and I appreciated that a lot. Even though the JEMOM exhibition and preparation had been very weird and with not the best situation, also I was constantly thinking ethically if I should participate on it or not, finally I was happy of my work and the experience, even if it wasn’t with the best conditions. Just after the exhibition we had the mid term and I’ve really enjoyed going all of us together in a trip, but at the same time, it disappointed me the place and the fact of being inside a hotel 24/7. We’ve all had the feeling of very weird energies because of the place in general, and I felt I didn’t take advantage from the opportunity as much as I wanted to, there was some ways of doing some of the activities that I was thinking it would be better to do it in a diff

Arts Lab 5.0: Violeta Roca, Spain - Month 4

This month I’ve been to many places, met many people and done a lot of different activities, it’s been very variate, so it’s difficult to remember all what happened. My emotions have been up and down all the time and I experienced many different things. To begin, we started with the Jewish museum and the residency in Moldova Special School, which I loved. I’ve also prepared the Catalan night and it was so fun to present all the dishes and the culture. I’ve had many fun in the Rroma event and the artistic classes in Iași, and then, the Christmas caravans where successful, I’ve really enjoyed the time with the students.  The Christmas free days started and I lent the house a little sad or uncomfortable with the people, I was frustrated in general with all around me, but this trip inspired me a lot and it gave me a lot of energy, motivation and a different perspective about the people in the house and the project. I’ve met a lot of travelers in the hostel from many different nationalities

Arts Lab 5.0: Violeta Roca, Spain - Month 3

 This month, we did very different things. Visiting the village of Cucuteni, I found the place very interesting. But I think that this one has been special because of the trip to Moldova—a super intense, nice, fun, challenging journey. I really liked going to another country, meeting so many people in colorful and rural towns. The food was amazing, and all the projects, conversations, and schools we encountered there, I take with me as an experience to remember. Even though it was very intense and tiring, sometimes not healthy, I loved the experience of the trip to Moldova; I think it was very enriching. When we arrived, we were very tired. In the following weeks, we were working on personal projects for the exhibition, which is now in mid-December. In general, I could say that I was disappointed with the second museum, about Cucuteni. Regarding the personal work for the exhibition, I was not able to finish it in time, and therefore, I did not feel comfortable with the work that I pres

Arts Lab 5.0: Violeta Roca, Spain - Month 2

This month we finished the first museum, we had so many free days and we started with the second museum which is Cucuteni, doing the residency in a new school. To be honest, this month has been a little more complicated than the first one for me as I’ve been feeling a little bit bored, maybe because at our first month we’ve done so many amazing things and really intense like the festival and this month we’ve just been doing school residences. Finishing the first residence and museum felt really good and I’m proud of what we are creating together, I think it was a special moment for all of us and we’ve also celebrated. I’ve learned so many things. Something that surprised me is that I’ve learned to like cooking, as we had more free time I’ve started spending more time preparing good dishes and I really like how I’m improving my cooking abilities. Also I feel a lot more confident while speaking in English than when I arrived. I used my leading skills which usually I don’t like to use, bu

Arts Lab 5.0: Violeta Roca, Spain - Month 1

This month I have done so many things that it is difficult for me to remember and put in order everything I have experienced.  To begin with, we went to different craft fairs and I loved seeing the different products from Romania, the traditional dances and songs... Then we organized the folkloric festival, which was a very intense experience of meeting many local people, organizing many activities and feel very surrounded by cultural traditions.  After the festival we had a few days to rest and discovered the city of Iași at the gallery night, where we could see local art.  Last week we started the first artistic residency in a school that was a bit complicated, but even so we were able to carry out the workshops so I am happy with the experience, and we have also carried out the first caravan in Piatra Neamț which has been a very different and interesting experience, especially the archaeological visit to Cucuteni. I don't think I've had any big problems or many real problems