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Arts Lab 5.0: Aliye Ceylan, Turkey - Month 5

One of the most important issues in the past month was Haşmet, the 12th member of our house. 🐾He is a fat and extremely cute cat who is addicted to food.🫠  I put him name.  He injured his neck twice because he kept going and fighting with other cats.  Finally we had to take him to the doctor and he got stitches.  I hope we will neuter him in about a week.🙏 As for the business issue, we opened our 3rd exhibition.  The subject of our exhibition was the Jewish massacre.  It was an emotionally heavy exhibition for me.  We worked with visually impaired children for this exhibition.  That's why it was so much more meaningful.  Afterwards, we went to Bucharest for the first time for mid-term.  We attended a 3-day training.  Afterwards, we took advantage of our free time.  I think we walked around Bucharest with my volunteer friend from another project.  From there I went to Brașov and finally saw Bran Castle, which I have been wanting to see for a long time.  I came back with a lot of

Arts Lab 5.0: Aliye Ceylan, Turkey - Month 4

Another month has passed, and I never realized how quickly it went by. I can say that I had a real Christmas period for the first time. But before that, of course, we did a lot of things again. The most meaningful thing for me this month was that we started workshops at the school for visually impaired youth. I never thought I would feel so peaceful with them; it felt like therapy to me. On another day, we participated in a tarabana workshop. It was a lot of fun, something I am actually very curious about and want to learn. Maybe I can tell the students from the previous schools we went to and take small lessons from them because I saw that there were students working in this field. And, of course, the schools we went to for the caravan event. They welcomed us so warmly and hospitably in the schools that sometimes I am surprised. I realized that shooting clips or preparing reels in schools is a lot of fun for me. Apart from that, we also shot a lot of documentaries. Although sometimes

Arts Lab 5.0: Aliye Ceylan, Turkey - Month 3

I think this month was the busiest month so far.  We went to Moldova for 5 days for the Caravan event. 5 days, 5 different places and schools, hundreds of students… To be honest, it was a very tiring event, but I think we managed it somehow.🙈 We organized workshops and contacted a lot of children and youth.  And we got very good feedback.  I think we were able to make them love art a little bit.🎬 🎶🎨 We went to the Orheiul Vechi region.  We visited the open air museum, which is still under construction.  It was very impressive to be among the first to see that area.  Then we went to many more villages and finally to the center of Chișinău.  Then we returned to our house. I call it our home because Romania has become like our home now 💜. We all noticed this on the way back.  We experienced that feeling of relief after being home. 🙏 And of course we are running out of time here.  We are right in the middle of the project.  Time flies so fast.  This makes me feel bad sometimes.  We s

Arts Lab 5.0: Aliye Ceylan, Turkey - Month 2

This is my second month here. I think it went faster than the first month. I don't even understand how it passed so quickly. I think it shows that I'm getting used to life here :). The most important and stressful part of last month was the final exhibition. We had our first exhibition here. While preparing for the exhibition, we were quite excited and didn't know what to do. But our first experience was nice and enjoyable. I can even say that it was like a lesson for me. I was incredibly happy to see my students from the workshop we gave at Petru Rareş school at the exhibition. We shot experimental and music videos together. We all watched the films we shot together and we were very proud. I will never forget their happiness at the exhibition💜 The period after the exhibition was of course spent resting and continuing to explore Romania. We went to Suceava with the other friends in the team for sightseeing, it was a place I really liked. We went to the castle "Cetatea

Arts Lab 5.0: Aliye Ceylan, Turkey - Month 1

I've been in Romania for about a month now. I think I've adapted quickly to an experience that I came with a lot of excitement. The process until I arrived wore me out a lot. I am the last volunteer to come to Târgu Frumos. But my other volunteer friends, whom I had not met face to face before I arrived, motivated me a lot. They told me that I would have no problem coming and that they were waiting for me here. When I came home, I saw the sign 'Welcome home Aliye'. They welcomed me very warmly.  12 different people... Also, when I told them that my English was not good enough yet, they said that it was never a problem for them and they would help me. They were always understanding. I don't think I will have this experience anywhere else. The first month was spent for me to organise and adapt. Frankly speaking, I think that the ease of my adaptation process was thanks to the friendliness of the Romanian people. We went to many villages, towns and cities within a mont