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Arts Lab 5.0: Dajana Zharassov, Germany - Month 5

Hello again! Welcome to my fifth report here in Romania. It was an exciting month and it started with us celebrating Hassan's birthday and organizing some workshops. We also finally had our exhibition for the Jewish open-air museum. As I mentioned in my last report, me and Aliye collaborated for this and we created an audiobook with the help of Cosmin, a student in the Moldova High-school. The audiobook consists of a poem and the story which tells the storyline of the pogrom in Iași. By editing sound effects into it we created an immersive audio experience. For the interactive part of the workshop for the exhibition the people needed to listen to the audiobook. While listening they could draw illustrations or write messages on a big paper on how it made them feel. After listening to the poem and the story, they could write into the book on how it made them feel. The story of the audiobook has an open ending so in the third book people could write how they imagine the story could ha

Arts Lab 5.0: Dajana Zharassov, Germany - Month 4

Hello again! Welcome to my fourth report here in Romania. First of all, Happy New Year, everyone! I wish everyone the best. I ended my year with a lot more knowledge and discoveries about myself, more artistic knowledge, a year full of memories such as my school graduation, coming to Romania to be part of Arts Lab 5.0, and meeting people from so many different countries that I now call friends. I am thankful for 2023, which was a stressful but happy year, and I am excited for 2024. I am happy to experience the first few months here in Romania. This month started with us participating in a Rroma event in Iași where each of us had to present our country on the stage. I really enjoyed this event. The performances were great, from the Traditional Romanian dances and songs to the traditional Rroma dances and songs. It was so much fun to see each of us on stage, and I loved how we supported each other. I did the same Karnevals dance and threw candies to the kids that screamed Camille. I love

Arts Lab 5.0: Dajana Zharassov, Germany - Month 3

Hello again! Welcome to my third month report here in Romania. The third month started with an exciting trip to Moldova where we spent 5 days organizing workshops based on Romanian folklore. My workshop consisted out in learning Romanian folklore embroidery through playing the memory cards that I designed and also doing some drawings to either the Song Hora Din Moldova or Trandafir de la Moldova. But after some time we saw that we had a lot of drawing workshop so I changed it asking them what symbol and meaning they would pick to sew on their blouses to tell their life story or their wishes for their life just like the women in older times. They picked a symbol, drew it on a paper and wrote about their feelings and their symbol.  On the first day in Moldova we went to Fălești and visited an amazing local art school where we met the really nice and talented director and artist himself. We also visited a folklore museum with an amazing collection of historical and folkloric things such a

Arts Lab 5.0: Dajana Zharassov, Germany - Month 2

Hello again! Welcome to my second-month report. This month, we finally had our first alternative museum of Romanian folklore, and it was very exciting to host the first exhibition. I think that I also learned to coordinate my projects and time better since I had lots of ideas and maybe planned to do too much, which made me feel really stressed before the exhibition. It was really nice to see lots of familiar faces at our art exhibition, and I felt very happy to see people enjoy my personal interactive artwork, which was the Romanian folklore card game. It was so great to see them play and have fun and to already see people memorizing and learning more about Romanian embroidery while playing. My second personal artwork was also my photography about Romanian folklore, which I had taken in my first month. The visitors of the art exhibition had to go around and collect a word from each volunteer which had something to do with Romanian folklore. I had the word "community" since ga

Arts Lab 5.0: Dajana Zharassov, Germany - Month 1

I can't believe it has already been one month. I often think about how one day I will wake up, and my experience in Romania will be over in the blink of an eye. However, this one month has already brought me so many exciting things and many wonderful new friends, and I truly believe I will feel very fulfilled when this project ends. As for my work and experience here, on the first day I arrived, we went to the Cucuteni Jazz Festival, where I did photography. The music festival, the performing artists, and the crafters there were wonderful. It was a bit stressful since I had just arrived in Romania, but I'm happy that I got to attend this festival. Looking back, dancing to jazz music under the stars and then cozying up in a blanket with my friends is truly an unforgettable memory. It was only my first day in Romania, but it already felt like one of the most memorable days of my life. In the following days, we welcomed all the other volunteers here and got to know each other. I w