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Changemaker: Elena Vintilă - Yin & Yang Community

Project Title : Yin & Yang Community Changemaker :  Elena Vintilă Message for the world : Give yourself the chance to follow your star! 1. Previous experience: No previous experience.   2. The Problem :   While living in a small community where people's mentality is rather difficult to  change, I have noticed that gender equality is neglected. Girls in particular are more likely to be confronted with violence, sexist stereotypes, or gender-based discrimination. Gender-based stereotypes and expectations also affect girls’ and boys’ self-image, identity, health, skills acquisition, intellectual development, social integration and gender relations. These stereotypes affect boys’ and girls’ educational choices, girls are less encouraged to get involved with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and boys more likely to drop out from school. 3. The Solution :   I will organize a workshop filled with interesting activities which aim to help 10 boys and girls to reali