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Arts Lab 4.0: Month V, Fatma Mohamed Ibrahim Mahmoud - Grateful

 I can’t believe that I'm writing the final monthly report. Time has flown by so quickly, and I have experienced a lot of emotions, challenges, and tears. There's so much to say about the past five and a half months. I've met many new people, some of whom have become like family to me, while others have influenced and shaped me in different ways. Let me begin by expressing my gratitude to my team, Arts Lab 0.4. I've learned so much from them, and we've been through both good and bad times together. We've laughed, cried, danced, sang, and, most importantly, hugged each other. It felt like a source of energy for us, and we've grown together. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for making this project so special. Without them, it would not have been the same. I love you all! Working here was not easy. Each exhibition brought new challenges, information, and memories. However, what I enjoyed most was the process of working, which involved research,

Arts Lab 4.0: Month IV, Fatma Mohamed Ibrahim Mahmoud - Journey

It's already been four months and almost a month and a half to go, I can't believe the time has gone by so fast. We started working right after Christmas on the Rroma exhibition, this exhibition gave me the chance to meet and learn more about the Rroma community, their history, culture and where they started their journey in the world. This time I cooperated with my friend, Wasan, to do the workshop together, and the result was a video about how the students see the Rroma culture. About my personal project I made a video called "ترحال" "Tirhal", the meaning in English is "Journey". It is about the struggles faced by the Rroma while trying to integrate into society or to show who they really are. It's about how they lost their identity while trying to hide because of society's pressure on them. Now we have started working on our last exhibition here, it is the Jewish memorial museum. I look forward to knowing more about what happened to them

Arts Lab 4.0: Month III, Fatma Mohamed Ibrahim Mahmoud - An old civilization

This month we started to work on the Cucuteni Alternativ, we visited museums and the Cucuteni land, and we did workshops with the students to tell them more about the Cucuteni civilization but in our own way. When I heard about this old civilization I found it so interesting so I wanted to know more. I had a lot of questions because they are a mysterious culture, and the part that I like the most is that they respected women, women back then had rights. In my third month as a volunteer, I did my second exhibition related to the Cucuteni civilization. This exhibition was different because we all collaborated together and I can tell that the more you collaborate with people, the more you’ll get inspired, and the more you’ll have a final product made with love. Dance was my main topic, I collaborated with Chiara, Wasan, Maja, Federica, and the local volunteers and we created “Genesis “ video. In this video, I depicted the process of raising a baby till it grows into a woman. I won’t forge

Arts Lab 4.0: Month II, Fatma Mohamed Ibrahim Mahmoud - Something new

It’s been two months since I’m living in Romania. The time and days are passing by so fast while we’re doing a lot of things. This month I did my first exhibition here, me and my friend Chiara Gentili created our first video “Păpădie” which is inspired by Romanian folklore, specifically the poem “Miorița”. Also, I did another video inspired by Romanian folklore with the students from Petru Rareș Highschool and the local volunteers. Through working on these videos I learned a lot about Romanian culture, and the most thing that I like is how the people still stick to and love their roots. Now, we started to work on the Cucuteni exhibition. We visited the Cucuteni village and we saw the land and the museum about this civilization. I’m so excited to know and learn about this as I did with the Romanian folklore, and how it will inspire me to create things. Every month has brought something new, whether it’s a challenge, an experience, or a feeling, and this is what keeps me looking forward

Arts Lab 4.0: Month I, Fatma Mohamed Ibrahim Mahmoud - Grateful

The day I got here I was tired, my trip wasn’t the best, but when I met the team, they were so welcoming, full of life, of art, they made my day.  The next day we started to work, I started to be more involved with the team, and share our ideas. We organized several workshops for the children, it wasn’t easy as I expect but we did it. I visited a lot of museums, and I learned more about Romanian culture and folklore. I participated in the 8th edition of the Folcloristica Festival. I did my first short performance with my talented friends Chiara and Cihan.  I can say my first month wasn’t easy, full of challenges, and new things, but also I can say I learned a lot of things, expressed new emotions, and made a lot of amazing friends.  And the best part is our house, our house is always full of life, joy, art. singing, dancing, and laughing. We always create and teach each other new things.  I’m so grateful for this month's experience and I can’t wait to express the next five months w