Arts Lab 4.0: Month III, Fatma Mohamed Ibrahim Mahmoud - An old civilization

This month we started to work on the Cucuteni Alternativ, we visited museums and the Cucuteni land, and we did workshops with the students to tell them more about the Cucuteni civilization but in our own way. When I heard about this old civilization I found it so interesting so I wanted to know more. I had a lot of questions because they are a mysterious culture, and the part that I like the most is that they respected women, women back then had rights.

In my third month as a volunteer, I did my second exhibition related to the Cucuteni civilization. This exhibition was different because we all collaborated together and I can tell that the more you collaborate with people, the more you’ll get inspired, and the more you’ll have a final product made with love.

Dance was my main topic, I collaborated with Chiara, Wasan, Maja, Federica, and the local volunteers and we created “Genesis “ video. In this video, I depicted the process of raising a baby till it grows into a woman.

I won’t forget the fun parts, how I learned how to do the fire for the heater, it was hard in the beginning but now I’m the master of the fire as my fellows say. I experienced my first Christmas in the Romanian way, I visited a new city and I had the best new year with my team.  

Ataota or Fatma Mohamed Ibrahim Mahmoud is from Egypt and she's doing a six-month volunteering project under Arts Lab 4.0, funded by European Union through European Solidarity Corps Programme.