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Arts Lab 5.0: Hassan Ghonim, Egypt - Month 5

We're nearing the end of our project here in Romania, and there's a bittersweet feeling in the air because time flew by so fast! A lot happened this month. We went to Bucharest for a mid-year gathering organized by the National Agency. We met many fellow volunteers from different cultures, sharing projects and ideas.  After the event, we explored Bucharest for three days, with my favorite part being Therme Bucharest. Then we visited Dracula’s Castle in Brașov and toured the city. Returning to Târgu Frumos, we began preparing for our current project on the Rroma community. It's been quite an adventure, learning about their culture and visiting their neighborhoods. Soon, we'll showcase our artwork in an exhibition. We're excited and hope to see you there!    Hassan Mohamed Fathi Mostafa Ghonim is from Egypt, and he is participating in a six-month volunteering program within Arts Lab 5.0, a project co-funded by the European Union through the European Solidarity Corps

Arts Lab 5.0: Hassan Ghonim, Egypt - Month 4

This month has been eventful for me.  Firstly, we went to visit the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iași to see the celebrations of the Christmas, after that, we finally obtained our residence permit in Romania after a long wait. Following that, some colleagues and I prepared for the Christmas holidays by deciding to explore Romania. We visited Cluj and Sibiu, and I found Sibiu particularly fascinating. The atmosphere and architecture, especially the windows of the houses that it looks like eyes, impressed me. We celebrated New Year's Eve in the center of Sibiu, where I discovered a fantastic Romanian band called 'LUPII' that delivered an amazing performance.  After the holidays, we resumed work and went to Moldova school to start the workshops with the kids. It was an intense and interesting experience that stirred a range of feelings and emotions within me. I sincerely hope for a bright and beautiful future for all of them.   Hassan Mohamed Fathi Mostafa Ghonim is from Egypt, a

Arts Lab 5.0: Hassan Ghonim, Egypt - Month 3

We completed the second project on the Cucuteni civilization, and it was a very enjoyable experience. I learned about the Cucuteni civilization, their lives, and arts for the first time. The artistic production of the team was great, and I'm proud of what we achieved. My friend Muhammad and I organized an Egyptian Cultural Day. We invited friends of different ages here in Romania, and we all had a lot of fun. Muhammad and I shared interesting facts, pictures, and videos about Egyptian culture, including historical places, tourist attractions, cities, popular foods, clothing, arts, dances, and ancient Egyptians. We danced together, played some games, and simulated some aspects of Egyptian culture. It was a delightful and beautiful day. We also surprised our friend Aliye on her birthday, and it was fun, beautiful, and emotional time for all of us. Hassan Mohamed Fathi Mostafa Ghonim is from Egypt, and he is participating in a six-month volunteering program within Arts Lab 5.0, a pro

Arts Lab 5.0: Hassan Ghonim, Egypt - Month 2

We have finished our first project about Romanian folklore, exploring it and creating artistic projects based on it. The project ended with an art exhibition where we showcased all our artworks with different backgrounds. I enjoyed the experience and interacting with the visitors at the exhibition. We created art workshops and interactive activities during the exhibition to have a better and more enjoyable time with the attendees.  Afterward, we started our second project about the Cucuteni civilization. We are currently discovering the civilization day by day. I conducted a residency for children at ''Garabet Ibrăileanu'' school in collaboration with Sena, and it was truly enjoyable. We had a great time, and the children were wonderful!  We also visited a new city, Suceava. It was a very beautiful trip with the team, and we saw many exciting things, breathtaking nature, and learned a lot about the Romanian civilization as well.  I saved the most challenging part of the

Arts Lab 5.0: Hassan Ghonim, Egypt - Month 1

At Târgu Frumos, I embarked on a month-long volunteering opportunity as a photographer, delving into the vibrant world of Romanian culture and folklore. My volunteering opportunity revolved around three significant events that celebrated the essence of Romanian culture and folklore. Each event offered a unique perspective on the country's rich heritage, with a particular focus on its traditional clothing, food, music and kindness. From the intricate patterns to the vibrant colors, these costumes were a visual feast for the eyes.  During my stay in Târgu Frumos, I had the privilege of immersing myself in the heart of Romanian green landscape. How this green is so amazing! Also living in Târgu Frumos allowed me to interact with the locals and witness their daily lives, which greatly enriched my understanding of the culture.  My exploration extended beyond Târgu Frumos, leading me to the historic cities and villages of Iași, Pașcani, and Todirești. These journeys introduced me to the