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Arts Lab 5.0: Rafael Raețchi, R. of Moldova - Month 2

In this month, our team has managed to implement a variety of activities successfully and has worked to accomplish the projects targets. Some of the most important events have been the art workshops we did in Garabet Ibrăileanu School, and the Museum of Alternative Folklore.  During the art workshops, we have managed to interact with the students of the school and to teach them more about arts and the Cucuteni Culture. In the workshop I partook, I helped Ahmed to coordinate and draw a beautiful mural on one of the school’s walls. With almost 30 passionate kids, we have managed to create a mural which uses Cucuteni Culture’s graphical elements. The kids were excited to work on this project, and have helped us a lot in the creation of this mural. The Alternative Museum of Folklore was also a success. We have managed to attract a considerable number of visitors to our exhibition in Târgu Frumos, and have organized engaging artworks. My personal work consisted of the interviews we have bee

Arts Lab 5.0: Rafael Raețchi, R. of Moldova - Month 1

After one month of involvement in the Arts Lab 5.0 project, I have managed to help implement a range of the project’s planned activities. The production of 5 interviews with local artists, the implementation of 3 workshops and a small contribution in the Folcloristica Festival. Also partook in the recording of over 10 interviews, all of which, ideally, will be edited in the following month. During this month I have managed to connect with the participants of the project on a peer-to-peer level. In the following report, I will go in a clearer detail on the mentioned above aspects and more.  Despite time and budget restraints, our team and I managed to implement the planned activities efficiently during the last month. During this month I have implemented 3 workshops. I would describe two of them successful, while the third one offered me better insight into how I want to organise my workshops. The first workshop, at Folcloristica Festival, was on the fundamentals of animation. The works