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Changemaker: Andreea Mihaela Feraru - We Feel Solidarity

Project Title : We Feel Solidarity Changemaker :  Andreea Mihaela Feraru Message for the world : I want a better world for all the children! 1. Previous experience: It is my first project.     2. The Problem : In my village, Fărcășeni, there are many children exploited through work, and for this reason, they are too tired and/or they can't attend school. Most of these children are not aware of the importance of school, that is why sometimes they prefer working than going to school. I know at least 10 families in my village that have this issue.  The work is important too because it helps to live but the work should not replace the school. The role of the family is to support the children and to make sure they get the right conditions for a good education. 3. The Solution : I will do an awareness campaign for children to realize that school is important. For this I will organize two activities: - an online survey (using Facebook) to collect feedback from children about work and