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Changemaker: Sarah Rîznic - The brilliance of a child's voice

Project Title:  The brilliance of a child's voice Changemaker:   Sarah-Elena Rîznic Message for the world:  Highlight the light of a child's voice! 1. Previous experience   It is my first project.     2. The Problem   I noticed in my city that some children are raised in disadvantaged environments, so they do not have access to learning opportunities for personal development. Some of them are required to do various housework and exhausting tasks from an early age. I think this violated their right to education. 3. The Solution I want together with my team, to carry out a non-formal educational program for the disadvantaged children of my town, in order to support their personal development. The program will consist in 4 workshops facilitated by each member of my team. The topics of the workshops will be: theater,  Lego, emotional intelligence, music and poetry. The workshops will last one hour and a half, each. I want to involve at least 5 children per workshop. 4. Beneficiari