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Changemaker: Ionela Amăriuței - Nutrition Education for Healthy Kids

Project Title: Nutrition Education for Healthy Kids Changemaker:  Ionela Amăriuței Message for the world: Live in the present! 1. Previous experience   It is my first project.     2. The Problem   Nowadays, we see more and more children affected by obesity. One of the causes is the lack of nutrition education. In my town, the children prefer to eat junk food and sweets because they never had a proper discussion about the impact of bad nutrition on their health. As children learn to read or write, in the same way, they must learn how to feed correctly, but this doesn't happen.   3. The Solution   My project is to share with 12 children my healthy nutrition tips and tricks and inform them that obesity is the result of their choices. During the activity, we will discuss about the difference between healthy and unhealthy food, what is the real food, how can we make it to taste and look good. We will cook a healthy recipe together and we will share our feelings after eating it. 4. Benef

Changemaker: Luciana Ioan - A Brave Mind

Project Title: A Brave Mind Changemaker:  Luciana Ioan Message for the world: Support children to realize their dreams! 1. Previous experience   It is my first project.     2. The Problem   My passion has always been to sing on a stage, but I knew I could not do it without going to school and getting my diploma. I moved from Italy to Romania at a age where it was hard to be transferred from a school to another in different countries that is why, I had to quit school at the age of 9. Nowadays, at 15 years old, I tried to enroll but I couldn't get any support. One of the schools I went told me I am too old and other girls from Roma community, at my age, have children. Instead of focusing on the bad side, I fought to make my dream come true, to be able to dance and sing on a real stage. After being so close to my dream, I realized that many kids in my town, Târgu Frumos, can`t go to school and I want to help them discover their passions, find out what they`re good at, encourage and su

Changemaker: David Harpa - A small step, a great joy!

Project Title: A small step, a great joy! Changemaker:  David Harpa Message for the world: Be active, be kind, love team-work! 1. Previous experience   I did not organize previous activities but I learned about children rights in the social education class.   2. The Problem   The online classes we had lately due the Covid-19, are not very effective for learning, especially among the younger students. I have noticed that my brothers and colleagues are struggling to understand online courses. There are some children in my community who do not have good internet access or they don't have a good device to connect to online classes, therefore, because they don't go to school, their access to education is restricted. 3. The Solution   My plan is to organize a non-formal educational program for 15 children aged 6 to 10 years. The lessons will be facilitated by me, with the support of my mother, who is a primary school teacher. The children will learn Romanian language and mathematics

Changemaker: Cosmin Curelaru - I want to be a doctor!

Project Title: I want to be a doctor! Changemaker:  Cosmin Curelaru Message for the world: Every child has the right to specialized medical services! 1. Previous experience   No, I have never organized such activities before. 2. The Problem   My biggest dream is to become a doctor even-though I have not much support for it. I am motivated by the fact that in my village, Zmeu, where 80% of the population is represented by the Rroma community, we don't have access to proper medical care.  Most of the children have never been to a doctor. I would like myself to learn more about how I can become a doctor and to encourage other children from my village to see it as a career option. 3. The Solution I want to organize a series of meetings with a doctor, a medical specialist and a nurse to talk to 15 participating children about the importance and role of the medical profession, about its challenges but also about its advantages and disadvantages . The participants will be children interes

Changemaker: Sarah Rîznic - The brilliance of a child's voice

Project Title:  The brilliance of a child's voice Changemaker:   Sarah-Elena Rîznic Message for the world:  Highlight the light of a child's voice! 1. Previous experience   It is my first project.     2. The Problem   I noticed in my city that some children are raised in disadvantaged environments, so they do not have access to learning opportunities for personal development. Some of them are required to do various housework and exhausting tasks from an early age. I think this violated their right to education. 3. The Solution I want together with my team, to carry out a non-formal educational program for the disadvantaged children of my town, in order to support their personal development. The program will consist in 4 workshops facilitated by each member of my team. The topics of the workshops will be: theater,  Lego, emotional intelligence, music and poetry. The workshops will last one hour and a half, each. I want to involve at least 5 children per workshop. 4. Beneficiari

Changemaker: Mateo Alecsa - Green Village

Project Title: Green Village   Changemaker:   Tudor Mateo Alecsa   Message for the world: Helping nature, helps you!   1. Previous experience   When I was younger, I organized a campaign for promoting a healthy lifestyle by doing sport or dance, among the children of my class. Unfortunately, I don’t have any links.     2. The Problem In my village there are many people who do not understand the impact on their health and throw away, without caring, the garbage that comes from their daily activities. I have noticed several times how drivers throw packaging in traffic, which end up on the green field or in public spaces. These types of behaviors are affecting the children's well-being and represents a bad example for them.   3. The Solution I would like to run an awareness campaign on the impact of mismanagement of waste in order to inspire the people of my village to care more about the environment and to keep it clean. To do this, I will engage 20 children - of 7 to 12 years old, f