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Arts Lab 4.0 - Reflection time for 2022

Volunteering in our organization is challenging, with many ups and downs, with a strong connection to the local community, requires a lot of flexibility and commitment, but pays off, providing meaningful memories and lifelong friendships. We are grateful to have an amazing team of eight artists from six countries this year. And as it is almost the end of 2022, we took a moment of evaluation-reflection, to see where we are with the project. Here you have the answers of our volunteers. 1. What did you bring and how did you contribute to Arts Lab 4.0? criticism, rationality, energy, ideas, curiosity, some skills  music, giving concerts, workshop to revive the love for music in children support, help to work with new art materials passion for the art, kindness, involvement, my feelings, my past experiences my vibes art, culture, wisdom connections, energy, feelings, ideas, time, heart my solidarity, my good vibes, my time, my perspective and advises, my ideas, my love, my kindness, my help