Creative Europe - new programme supporting the cultural and creative sectors

The Member States in the Council approved Creative Europe, the new programme supporting the cultural and creative sectors. With a budget of nearly 1.46 billion EUR over the next seven years, a 9% increase on current levels, Creative Europe will give thousands of people in cinema, TV, culture, music, performing arts, heritage and related areas the opportunity to increase their international visibility in Europe and beyond. 

The new programme was adopted by the European Parliament on 19 November (IP/13/1114) and is due to be signed by the Parliament and Council on 11 December. 
The programme will enter into force in January.

The first calls for proposals in the framework of the newly approved programme Creative Europe have been published.

The Culture sub-programme of Creative Europe supports the following type of actions:

  •  Cross-border cooperation projects between cultural and creative organisations within the EU and beyond.
  •  Networks helping the cultural and creative sectors to operate trans-nationally and to strengthen their competitiveness.
  •  Translation and promotion of literary works across EU markets.
  •  Platforms of cultural operators promoting emerging artists and stimulating a truly European programming of cultural and artistic works.

European cooperation projects: 5 March 2014
Literary translation projects: 12 March 2014 
European platforms: 19 March 2014
European networks: 19 March 2014

You can find the call and all other relevant documents here:


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