Youth FotoVideoTek Post Project Feedback

After 6 months since we implemented "Youth FotoVideoTek" project, we decided to do a post-evaluation. We made a questionnaire and we kindly asked the participants to fill it. We want to share with you the feedback of the participants, but firstly we should tell you more about the project. 

"YOUTH FotoVideoTek" was a training course organized by SUPER TINERI ASIRYS Association, that involved 6 youth organizations from Romania, Poland, Estonia, Armenia, Georgia and Moldova. The training took place in Romania, in 3 cities: Tîrgu Frumos, Pașcani and Iași, between 16-25 June 2013. During 8 days, 18 youth learned how to use photography and film as tools to promote and develop non-formal education and volunteering. 

The themes of FOTOVIDEOTEK were “art and culture” and „media” and the main objectives were to share and achieve knowledge and skills about photography and video in order to increase the visibility of youth workers projects, to achieve knowledge about other European cultures, to develop the creativity and entrepreneurship skills, to promote the socialization among young people regardless of language, color, ethnicity, to develop the team work and the communication skills in a foreign language, but also to achieve some general culture about European countries. The main results of the training were that the youth organized a photo-video exhibition and a short-film release, involving the local communities.

"Youth FotoVideoTek" was a project financed by Youth in Action Programme, with the support of European Commission. 

Now, back to the topic :)...  We have registered 12 responses (from 18), the questionnaire was anonymous. 

 After 6 months, what are the results of the project for you?

* Did you do any promotion of the results in your community?

1. After this project, I have more friends, more knowledge about the art of photography and video montage.
It was a successful project, made by different nations, which had a positive impact in Tirgu Frumos city. The participants combined their own foto-video skills to achieve all the values of the ASIRYS NGO. I've shared on Facebook some topics about the project.

2. There are many results, because after this program I can take nicer, clear, interesting photos. My view of taking pictures is wider now.

3. The team from Armenia, learned a lot from the project. That was incredible experience for us. I developed my skills and used it in my studies.We shared all what we got from that few days to our community, and to our friends even.

4. After project I am more sociable, I can use my experience in my country, and I am using all skills what I got from project.

5. I feel I got very useful experience in photography and especially about how a photographer should look at a foreign country.  I have promoted the results of the project among my friends - shown the photos, the short film etc. but no public promotion.

6. For me, besides meeting the people and broadening my network, one of the best results is that it drove me back to photography as a way to express myself and to be aware of the places in which I'm living.

7. I make more pictures. I started working as a photographer.

8. The results are the same as during the project. Yes, I promote the project, but I am unhappy with the involvement of people from my community.

9. I have new friends. I have new ideas. I have more interest to travel. I'm planning on doing more volunteering work. Many people have seen my photos and hopefully it also gave them ideas. My friends know now more about Romania. Many hadn't heard before about that kind of projects.

10. Yes, indeed the results of the project were promoted to the population of the community. All the movies were shown to the audience.

11. După 6 luni de la implementarea proiectului nefiind unul din participaţii ce au pus în aplicare cunoştinţele despre fotografie datorită pasiunii, ci un începător, nu pot spune că am mers mai departe. Dar am participat în urma proiectului la evaluarea proiectului şi am aflat ca de fiecare dată informaţii noi.

12. Excelent.

How you will describe now the experience Youth FotoVideoTek?
... if a stranger asks

1. It was a very good opportunity to meet nice people, to get to know more about problems and ways of solving them from other countries. It was a nice chance to find out more about other cultures and countries. These kind of projects are a good way to travel, educate yourself, get experience, practice languages and find friends with similar interests.

2. One is that you have good camera, but when you know how to take a picture and then how to edit it is another thing. And you may use it wherever you want. I can say that this became our own language of communicating. If you are a professional photographer then you will understand me.

3. Youth FotoVideoTek really was fantastic project, it

impact on my personality, every day of this project was important and interesting, so what I did during this 10 days now when I remember and I am proud of that. I had  many photos and interesting videos as well.

4. It was a week full of activities related to photography and short-film-making, focused on the local problems in Romania. Also, it was a nice practice of cooperation between young people of different countries and a good way to get to know other cultures!

5. I describe it as something that needed to be done. A must go. As it gives you a broader sense of people and relationships and at the same time faces you with different realities and ways to interpret reality. 

It also gives you access to new and interesting people with whom you might work in the future.

6. I was on an amazing photographic project. We worked a lot and hard, but it was not wasted time. I met many wonderful people from Europe. It was one of my best trip.

7. Experience, Youth FotoVideoTek was a wonderful experience and I would like to repeat it. I would recommend it to a stranger because he will be able to learn new things and learn how to get involved in the issues of community.

8. I wasn't able to get involved in all actions, as I would like. It was a short experience for me, but I met new, friendly and open-minded people, who created some wonderful work teams. I dearly remember of the warm working atmosphere during the day and  funny intercultural nights. 

9. The obtained experience had an impact on my outlook on the society in general.

10. It was very pleasant to take part in this project. Except of learning professional skills in photo-video making, I learn more about participant countries, about their culture, traditions, food and daily routine too.

I made lots of friend from participants and we even today share our experience and knowledge in different things.

11. Proiectul a fost un schimb de idei, prin care am interancţionat cu alte culturi, cu diferite mentalităţi, rezultatul fiind unul neaşteptat de plăcut la sfârşitul proiectului atunci când am vizionat videoclipurile realizate de participanţi şi părerea publicului în legătură cu galeria de fotografii aflată în cetrul comercial din Iaşi, Palas.

12. De cele mai multe ori încerci tot ceea ce îţi place şi e nou, este şi o vorbă cât traieşti înveţi, aşa şi noi am captat şi absorbit informaţii noi şi fiind dispuşi să învăţăm să ne perfecţionăm continuu.

Give us 3 suggestions for the future projects! 
...or more! You can include projects ideas or concrete recommendations about activities, food, accommodation etc.

1. It can be better, if the project lasts more days and financing will be 100% or 90%, not less.

2. As I was filling at my home. I liked everything starting from food, people whom I met there became for me friends till the way of giving the information to us. As I mentioned, I used that knowledge for my studies, and it helped me a lot, I would like to add a bit about the presentation making skills how to make a good presentation though we are youth but we do need to know how to do it well. I mixed the knowledge which I received at the project with the one which I'm studding nowadays. 

3. I would like to learn more about how to films.

4. * I recommend taking it more seriously to find a common language among the participants. 
* It would be nice to have some more time to see the country - not only from the project side, but also something from the touristic side.
* A project where the idea of the whole week is to make a short film. During the day, all teams can be working on their short film and in the evening, they can discuss their progress and share ideas with other teams.

5. - A encounter of musicians to share native music instruments and try to create something out of the mix of that. 

- A quick workshop on documentary film and the ways to use things like that to raise awareness about different issues. 
- Keep up the good spirit!

6. I suggest you repeat the project under the same conditions ;].

7. Accommodation: must be as close to the locations where the events will take place.
Food: we must take in consideration  the diet of each volunteer, maybe are people with health problems, or who have to keep a diet. 

8. One idea is to do projects with environmental background. For example in Estonia it's popular to volunteer for 2-5 days to help to conserve ecosystems for example build dams in the ditches that are draining the bogs ( I'm not sure if you have something like this in Romania. 

All the best! Good look with future projects! You're doing a great job!

9. - to create more movies,

- to create more black and white pictures, in some cases they can highlight the importance nowadays,
- to improve and increase the number of exchanges and study visits in order to improve and eliminate the differences within countries.

10. a. A project centered on sport, because more and more people are not doing sport - international problem;
b. Sanitary education of children, to prevent health problems
c. Old volunteers team reunion and meetings with the new members, organizing events together, like karaoke evenings, stand-up comedy etc.
d. Moldova tour in search of old habits and tradition, in order to revive an promote them at national and international level.

11. Nu am nimic de sugerat.

12. Mai multe locuri de încercat şi tehnci noi de experimentat în arta forografiei.

Mai multe zile.
Mai multe persoane cu experienţă care să ne îndrume.

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