Soft people with fresh ideas – European Dignities alert!

Young people in Europe are becoming very connected to and interested in the issues, solutions and good practices in the various communities that each one belongs to, topics considered as a great source of information. But all these need a good channel of communication and interaction. At the bottom of a continuous development, a conscious progress or modernization process, stand suitable information and knowledge transmission. Information and knowledge going together achieve a higher degree of efficiency that we are used to normally, especially in an era of digital information and knowledge.  Digitized information aims passing over the barriers, constantly communicating, exchanging remarks and experiences in the fullness of our actions and knowledge. Between informing and knowing lies a more important element – filtration – or better said, veracity and coherence of what we transmit and receive. 

For this reason, one of the most useful tools in transmission of knowledge and information is the writing. The gift given to some to convey stories, incidents, best practices, ideas and curiosities - often not appealed to - is the next step for Super Tineri activities and initiatives. Writing was the essential element concerning personal, cultural and social development of any geographic or demographic area of today. Different realities and fictions alike may be inserted into the writing forms, placing between them the value of human creativity. But we know for sure, that writing is a complex communication process causing other new cultural, social cohesion structures of understanding the current realities, but rather to designate a kind of "art of life".

In addition to an intense activity of ideas, the next project of the Super Tineri "ASIRYS” Association, an editorial one, that will not be  necessarily surprising, but containing, a combination of photography, drawing, design in a formula not complex, but compelling by its following transmission. Dignity, as a central element of the project will create connections between ideas, images, reasons and interests of any kind, that young (and not only them, but also those connected to the youthful impulse) will bring in front an interested and curious audience. Curiosity and interest are only a natural fertilizer that anyone concerned with the above should possess. Europe comes to support the dignity element. A safer, innovative and open Europe.

Finally, I only want to point out that it is necessary an overview of the social realities and their understanding in a comparative, evaluative and exemplified format in the pages of European magazine. Therefore our approach can be a solution, perhaps a tool too, a way to enjoy our eyes and thoughts, or impressions of the world around and outside of us.

Europe and Dignity join together!

Dragoș-Andrei Preutescu
(Translated in English by Izabela Ramona


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