Call for writers: European Dignities - Autumn Edition

The EUROPEAN DIGNITIES journal provides to young people from all over Europe, a way to communicate and express, to demonstrate and discuss about what is happening around them. Therefore, European Dignities is the Voice of Europe's Youth! The first 2 issues had a great success and you can read them HERE and HERE. The journal has accreditation and it is registered as: ISSN 2360 – 6355, ISSN-L 2360 – 6355.

If you want to have a contribution, please send it to us at Bellow you can check the thematic, sections and general rules for the magazine. 

For the third number, the topic is "European Youth Capital 2015 - Cluj-Napoca". We want to bring in attention intercultural experiences and not only that a city, considered as one of the youth in Europe, proposed a series of events and manifestations of this type for a year. We want to hear details, to discuss about the experiences and programs proposed by the organizers from Cluj-Napoca in 2015. Moreover, we want to connect European youth cities that have gained their status in the past or are willing to acquire it, in order to observe the impact of such a European project. We film, we photograph, we take interviews, we narrate. We want to read about your experiences in Cluj-Napoca, city designated to be the European Youth Capital for 2015. We also want to know how did take place the cultural events held in the other cities having this status and what preparations do those who will become European Youth Capital city in the coming years. 

Before sending us your work, we kindly recommend you to read the general rules available HERE


European Youth Capital (EYC) is a transnational cooperation and integration of young people through cultural, social, artistic and active citizenship. The connection between EYC and European values build a safe environment for youth to share their ideas and work for a better society.

Cluj-Napoca is one of the important academic and cultural city from Romania where young people are well connected and active. In according with the status of EYC, our journal, European Dignities, find the decision to have Cluj-Napoca as the EYC in 2015 a good opportunity to create channels of communication between youth in Romania and Europe. 

We found good connections between our objectives and the ones from Cluj-Napoca city as EYC. In this way we create a standard of excellence in Europe and Romania and strengthening the relationship between young people.

European Dignities Journal is a way to provide to young people around all over Europe a way to communicate, to explore and exchange ideas, good practices and having Cluj-Napoca as EYC is the opportunity to promote and disseminate all the activities and the programme of 2015. In the same time we are focus on the “horizontal priorities” of Cluj-Napoca EYC like SHARE European, SHARE responsible, because our main goal is to let young people to SHARE their own views to other young people. 

We will achieve our goals with this cooperation following one of our main value – DIGNITY. Firstly we must ensure that what we do is worthy and contributes to accomplish the morality in communication, integration and respect. Then we want to show that it is worthy to appreciate, to thank, to simultaneously encourage and recognize the best initiatives. Worthy to understand the model of active citizenship marked by our rights and obligations under a European, national and regional construct and also to initiate a culture of individual liberty placed in the center of the concept of human dignity. A Romanian writer noted very well this aspect, "dignity is the good use of freedom" (Andrei Pleşu).

Merging historic traditional memorial and visionary European side with a cult of dignity, we will be able to provide an enhanced environment of ​​recognized moral values by the spirit of independence. If a Romanian philosopher (Constantin Noica - European cultural model) is talking about "culture morphology" referring to the European one, we would like to address dignity "morphology" through Europe. Going on with the same philosopher ideas, we are informed that "without identifying realities, it's hard to believe you can handle and reach a form of civilization, without naming them, you cannot reach the culture. We will try to name them through the pages of European Dignities Journal (Spring 2014).

The topic/ theme for EYC Cluj-Napoca 2015 could be SHARE or DIGNITY, in the same way in which Thessaloniki (the current EYC - 2014) choose the theme TIME. We can create a great story about EYC Cluj-Napoca 2015 working togheter and share with dignity our values and beliefes. 

European Dignities Journal is part of Young European TroubleShooters project,  financed by Youth in Action Programme, with the support of European Commision. 


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