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SUPER TINERI - ASIRYS Association is a non-profit and non-political organization based in Romania, that engages youth in order to develop them into leaders of positive and sustainable change for their communities.

For the 1 October deadline we are preparing 5 projects. Bellow you can see the descriptions. If you are interested to join as partner one or more of them, please send us the application form and the mandates till 28 September 2014, to

StartUp your NGO 
Training course, minimum 10 partners (1 or 2 participants per country), May 2015

The project „StartUp your NGO” will be an active training course, which will involve 10 partners, during 10 days. The aim of the project is to develop the entrepreneurial spirit and skills among 20 participants interested to develop their own youth organization and to contribute to the development of their communities. During 10 days the youth will participate to several workshops where they will learn more about how to develop and run successfully, with limited resources, their own NGO. The participants will have the opportunity to develop their skills and competences through nonformal education and learning by doing methodologies. One of the approaches of the training will be to think and to create sustainable strategies for NGOs in order to develop a network for future projects. This training will be a space to learn and share, so we expect that each partner/team will be an active part.  The project will be hosted in Tirgu Frumos and Iasi, in May 2015. 

To be partner, please:
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Taste & Music
Seminar, 8 partners (2-3 participants per country), June 2015

The project Taste & Music is a seminar about healthy food and music, which aims to involve 8 different partners. The seminar will take place in Tirgu Frumos, Iaşi and adjacent rural areas, Romania, in June 2015, during 8 days and will involve minimum 25 participants. During the seminar, the participants will create unconventional nonformal methods and will  have the chance to travel in several cities and villages of Romania, in order to learn and to promote healthy lifestyle through music. 

The participants should be passionate about food (cooking) and/or music or/and nonformal education. 

The themes of Taste & Music are “art and culture” and „health and wellbeing”. The main objectives are:
- to achieve - by sharing, knowledge and skills about healthy food and music
- to achieve knowledge about other European cultures,
- to develop the creativity,
- to promote the socialization among young people regardless of language, color, ethnicity,
- to develop the team work and the communication skills in a foreign language,
- to create common results (nonformal methods, concert, TV show about food, catalog) in order to promote volunteering and participation in international projects. 

The activities will be based on non-formal education, the young people will create new music and new receipts, will learn to play and sing new songs, but in the same time will discuss about their traditions, will share the most healthy receipts of their countries, will create events, shot video-clips and TV-shows.

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Rural Nonformal
short-term EVS, 10 partners (1 volunteer per country), 1 July - 1 September 2015
The project “Rural Nonformal” has as target group 10 young people from Europe, young people aged 18-30 years, passionate of one or more of these topics: media, social-entrepreneurship, rural development, arts. 10 young people will do a short-term European voluntary placements in our organization for 2 months. If the volunteers will like to continue the project, we will create a new EVS for long term, to fit their needs. 

The period of the mobility will be 1 July - 1 September 2015. The volunteers will have the chance to develop their social entrepreneurship skills, to develop a personal project involving their passions, in order to achieve the competences of a social entrepreneur in community development.
The activities of the volunteers will be:
- promote nonformal education and volunteering in at least 10 touristic rural communities of Moldova and Bucovina,
- create and implement media campaign in order to promote the local heritage,
-  learn more about the culture of Romania,
-  use their creative skills to develop sustainable services,
- implement a personal project in one of these topics: arts, media, rural development, social-entrepreneurship. For example a volunteer passionate about films, can do a documentary about ancien hand-crafts of rural Romania. 
The project responds to the needs of young people to acquire expertise to develop social entrepreneurship projects that create employment opportunities, both for themselves and for their peers. The young participants will have the opportunity to learn a new language, to participate in innovative activities that will develop creativity, entrepreneurial skills, communication and presentation, will interact with new non-formal education methods and tools, they will make analysis of the management and of the development strategies of the organization and will take the best practice models. Participants will have the opportunity to develop themselves in a multicultural environment, which will acquire general knowledge about Europe. Through this project, young participants will have the chance to become successful social entrepreneurs.

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Culture Shapers  
Long-term EVS (10 months), 1 April 2015 - 1 February 2016, 3 volunteers  
Culture Shapers aims to promote and develop the volunteering activity through arts/culture, in order to decrease the unemployability rate among youth. The project is focused on the following subjects: cultural entrepreneurship and youth, and the activities will be hosted in Tirgu Frumos, Iasi and adjacent rural area. 
In cooperation with the House of Culture and local public institutions, the project wish to support the development of the community and of the volunteers, as cultural entrepreneurs.
We are looking for 3 volunteers, with sense of initiative, interest about different arts, about culture in general, ready to implement their ideas. The project will give to the volunteers the chance to experience creative ideas, to bring their contribution, to manage different type of teams, to work in a challenging environment and to make a positive change through cultural/arts tools. The methods & instruments that the EVS volunteers will use to develop the activities are from the non-formal area: games, workshops, street arts activities, presentations, debates, brainstorming, socio-educational animation, public cafe, street animation, audio-video materials etc. All the activities developed by the volunteers will aim to encourage young people to pursue and develop their artistic talents and in this way, to support their personal development and fight against unemployment. 

The volunteers will have a mandate of 3 months as manager in 3 different departments of our organization: 
Human Resources: involved in all things related to the volunteers – recruitment, volunteer management, training, succession planning.
Communications and Public Relations - external relations – creating and developing partnerships, develop and maintaining social media channels and website.
Business Development: finding sources of funding and developing a social enterprise.
After 10 months, the main result of the volunteers will be a successful cultural center in Tirgu Frumos and more than 20 cultural and creative events organized. 

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ParaEuropean Games  
youth exchange, 5 partners (5 participants/country), March 2015

ParaEuropean Games aims to gather five different nationalities for 8 days in an intercultural exchange under  the theme  of European citizenship, sport and inclusion.
The participants will have the opportunity to experience tolerance in working with special children, they will choose and create a sport event – ParaEuropean games, and they will develop their skills through workshops (art-craft, sports, public speaking). The participants will share and learn more about European citizenship  and  social integration through sports. 

To be partner, please: 
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