Schimb de tineri în Saldus, Letonia

În perioada 26 iunie - 3 iulie 2016, asociaţia noastră va trimite 7 reprezentanţi în Letonia, în oraşul Saldus, într-un proiect ce are ca temă sportul. În perioada 1-3 iunie a avut loc vizita de planificare în avans, la care a participat liderul asociaţiei SUPER TINERI. Mai jos găsiţi detalii despre proiect.

"Sport for all" is Youth Exchange project coordinated by Saldus Children and Youth Center's department Saldus Youth leisure and initiative center - Šķūnis. We came to project idea by participating and meeting partners in similar Training Course in Tunis and later on working on it more at youth workers Training Course in Spain. Main idea for this exchange is to show and let young people experience that sport is an amazing way how to cooperate and that for enjoying active life style you don't need any specific set of skills.

Project goal - give opportunity for youth to explore different sport activities into inter cultural environment. Taking into consideration experience together and developed competences form understanding about sport as important daily life part where most important is not to compete but to cooperate.

Project is realized by partners from Latvia, Romania, Macedonia and Spain to give opportunity for youth to explore together, experience themselves, create, lead and advertise different sport activities. Participants are 24 young people aged from 18 to 25 years. They will learn how to create sport activity for non-formal education where main idea is not to compete but to cooperate. Into mixed national groups they will plan, create and lead new adjusted sport activities, games. These new methods they will try on themselves and also involve local youth from Saldus municipality. Afterwards, these games, methods will be filmed and uploaded on You-tube so everyone can use them.
Main result of this project is filmed methods, games and experience participants gained and will share into their local communities.

For implementation of this project non-formal education methods will be used - group work, discussions, practical approach, reflections and learning by doing.

Project for first 6 days will take place in camping area Zvejnieki. Participants will live in shared camping houses. There is lake and boats just at camp place so it is possible to enjoy swimming.
Thing to take in mind is mosquitos and also ticks as it is summer. For their own safety participants must be careful and check themselves often. If you discover tick on your body keep calm and say it to project coordinator.
You can swim at the lake, but it is quite deep one, so be careful. NEVER go to swim alone or when there is no one around, ALWAYS have a swimming buddy with you.

For last 2 days participants will move to Saldus Youth leisure and initiative center Šķūnis. As it is a youth center alcohol is not allowed!