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Rroma HeArt Newspaper

Did you see the latest version of "Rroma HeArt" newspaper? If not, here is it!

It’s EUr time! 7 countries, 42 participants, 1 goal

Asap Europe, an NGO based in Fasano, Italy, has organised an Erasmus+ youth exchange covering the issues of active citizenship and youth participation. The project named “Ci Piace” gathered 42 participants from Italy, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece for the period of one week. The participants explored the topic with the methodology of non-formal learning. The issues were tackled interactively through group-work and entertaining sessions, including role-playing, theatre, posters, drawing, video creation and more. One of the goals was to reflect on our role in the society and how we can engage better within it.  As part of the activities the members of the project got the chance to attend a meeting with the city mayor and a representative of the city council. It allowed them to get an insight into the issues that are discouraging Fasano’s youngsters to engage actively in their community. At the end of the project the participants ran a campaign to promote activ

How it was my On-Arrival Training?!

I arrived at the Rin hotel i n Bucharest on the afternoon of 21st of October and from the beginning, I knew is gonna be a wonderful week! The first team I met w as the Turkish team and immediately I understood why I want to spend m y year doing volunteering in Romania! Everyone was so happy, we were chanting for hours telling about our lives, our differences, and our commons. We ended the day with a very interesting visit to the old center of Bucharest. We went to a T urkish corner and we ate baklava and drink tea, things that we both have in our countries! In the first day of the training, we played the game of representing ourselves and our names in a way that everyone would remember. It was a bit hard at the beginning to remember all the 25 names of the participants, but it was interesting the way everyone presented him/herself. Then we played a game in which we had to pick Dixit cards that were on the floor that represent us, we were walking around the room, discussed

October 2018: My first volunteering month in Romania

As you may know, we are hosting at the moment our first EVS volunteer, Nikolia, from Greece. She will spend 12 months with us, helping to develop our youth center and create a more active community by volunteering! Each month our volunteer, Nikolia Papadopoulou will share her experience in Romania through a small report which we will post it on our blog. I will start my article sharing with you what I learned every week but firstly I would like to thank Mihaela, the project coordinator, who gave me the opportunity to learn all these things, to my mentor Dragoş who supported me, my Romanian language teacher Alin who helped and teach me the language and the history of Romania and to the volunteers of Asirys who helped walk in the EVS path. From the first week I learned from Mihaela a lot about Erasmus + programs, as she informed me about it and answered my questions. I met my mentor Dragos and talked about our cooperation during the program. Mihaela showed me the way to write yout