Call for Partners: Green Choice

Type: Erasmus + Youth exchange
Title: Green Choice
Date: 15-22 June 2019
Venue: Tîrgu Frumos, Cucuteni, Iaşi, România
Age limit: 4 participants (18 to 30) & the group leader is not entitled to an age limit, except for being 18+
Travel Cost & Accommodation: Transportation costs covered according to the Erasmus+ lump sums. The cost of accommodation, food and materials, will be totally covered. 


Youth unemployment rate increased in recent years, fact that affects young people's life economically, mentally and socially. Green Choice is focusing on unemployed young people and aim to inspire 30 young people for becoming green entrepreneurs. The objectives of the project are to help the youngsters to learn more about themselves, about a healthy way of living and about new opportunities they can use to develop a green/agro-business. We will spend most of the time of the exchange on a Healthy Camp and with non-formal methods, workshops, theater and art, we will learn how to have a healthier way of living, in the same time working to agro-business plans that could be applied by the participants back home. The participants will learn and achieve experience about educational farming, agro-tourism, beekeeping, herb growing, clay handcrafting, home-made products, living in a rural community and experiencing a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Partners profile:

We are looking for partners from E.U. countries, that:
  • can send 5 unemployed young people to Romania between 15-22 June 2019;
  • are interested about the topic of the project;
  • will get involved in all the steps of the project.  
 If you are interested, please send us an email with the PIF to, latest to 20 January 2019. 


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