Why I became volunteer? 4 reasons

While I was looking at my things, I found a paper on which I had written my 2018 New Year resolution. I felt proud of myself because I succeed in most of the things that were written on the list, especially for the first and the second one, to do volunteering and to travel. I was looking at how I can do that and I found the answer, I had to do an EVS.

It was something I definitely wanted to do in my life. And I was lucky because I met the right people, at the right place. So I am doing a 12 months long EVS in Tîrgu Frumos, Iaşi, Romania with Asirys - Super Tineri and I would like to share some reasons why everyone should do an EVS.

1. You will improve your English and learn a new language. I speak everyday in English with my coordonator, local volunteers and locals, in general, but in the same time, I have a Romanian Teacher with whom I do course regular provided by Asirys and also I have online classes provided by Erasmus +.

2. You will meet new people. During my EVS, I met firstly the volunteers of our organisation, and then on our on arrival training course, I met other EVS volunteers. For sure with some of them, I will keep in touch and meet again after our EVS will end.

3. You will receive organisational and financial support, so you are free to develop yourself. While you are doing your EVS you are getting some money called "pocket money", they vary from one country to another. Here in Romania, the cost of living is very low and that money is more than enough to buy food and to travel during the free time. And of course, to meet new people and new places, new culture, new traditions, while traveling. And especially in Tîrgu Frumos, Iaşi, the trains and the buses are regular and cheap.

4. You will create events and learn more about your interests. Your reason for volunteering should be the chance to practice the things you love while helping others. Let your passion for teaching, animals, environment, change the world. During my EVS so far with the help of my coordinator, and of the other volunteers, I managed to develop myself. We make often events and we have cooperations with schools so I feel all the time I make something different and I improve myself. Here I became more responsible, and I feel that I am learning a lot everyday.  

These are my reasons, what are yours?


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