Arts Lab Report: First impressions about Romania

Sandro and I arrived in Romania at the beginning of April. The first fifteen days were quiet intense because we were meeting Romania's environment, new work space and a lot of people. Among them, the Norwegian team.

Through their stay we created workshops around the thematic of multiple intelligence. By small groups we started to run it in different types of schools, some that has high failure rates, particular community appurtenance, some with autistic or blind students. I was not used to this kind of work, with this kind of audience in this new environment, so the learning process was highly stimulating and efficient, despite the fatigue.

The common life and structure of the place we stayed was an interesting human experience, as Alin, our host, and Nikolia, made us feel comfortable and introduced us to the Romanian life. Meanwhile Mihaela try her best to support our arrival and planning our activities. So, the Norwegians and us get the most we can from this experience.

After those fifteen days we started to work on the Cucuteni project, whose goal is to promote the village and helping the community by creating activities, mainly for the children.

Written by Valentin Denis

Valentin is European volunteer for 8 months, in Arts Lab project,  funded by European Voluntary Service, with the support of European Union.