Sixth month as Volunteer in Romania

March, the month that the spring officially starts and one of the most beautiful months of the year. For me, March meant something more. It is the middle month of my EVS, here in Romania.

At the beginning of the month, I was the only European volunteer in Tîrgu Frumos, Iaşi, but on the last day of the month, we were twelve volunteers!

Starting the month activities, with Florin, a volunteer of our organization, we continue the multiple intelligence workshops, at Petru Rareş Technological school. The workshops went very good. We had everyday participation from the students and they really enjoyed it, especially the music intelligence workshop.

Also with Jamal and Martha, who came from Norway, we discussed and organized the last details about the upcoming short-term EVS project we would have at the end of the month. We visited all together Iaşi and Paşcani, a very beautiful nearby town and we connected more to each other. Something important about Erasmus+ projects is the connection between people and the friendships created through it. 

At 3 March we had the anniversary of the 10 years of our organization. That day I met old volunteers and they told me many stories about projects they participated through Asirys. We also discussed new projects we will do.

At 7 March with Karina, a Romanian volunteer from another organization, Youth Alma, we visited a school in Iaşi and we spoke about EVS and the opportunities we have through Erasmus+ projects. The next day with Mihaela, the coordinator of my project, at the invitation of Europe Direct Iaşi, we did a presentation about EVS opportunities during a conference called Model European Union Iaşi, hosted at the University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza".

During the 10 and 15 March, I helped in a project that our organization was part, that was called "Sharing our treasures for a better future”. We and other 26 teachers and students from many European countries did a lot of activities at Şcoala Varlaam Mitropolitul. It was a project about the multiple intelligence theory of Howard Gardner. We exchanged a lot of ideas about non-formal education and we presented our multiple intelligence methods by engaging the teachers to try them. In this way, they understood better how to apply these methods to their students.

Between 18-27 March, I participated with other 3 youth workers of our organization in an Erasmus+ seminar about gender balance, in Durres, Albania. The activity was part of the KA2 project “Gender out of the box”, a project coordinated by Women Towards Integration. It was a very interesting and helpful seminar, involving 9 countries. We exchanged experiences and ideas about educating young boys and men, in order to achieve gender equality and equity.
The traveling part to go in Durres and to return was a bit hard but fun. We were lucky to find cheap tickets but we traveled through 4 countries to achieve our final destinations and we used trains, buses, and planes. Unforgettable was also the view of the hotel, the sea. The only thing I really miss during my EVS in Romania is the sea.

The closing of the month was signed by the arrival of the other 11 EVS volunteers from Norway, Italy, and France. I was expecting them, to learn about their culture and to do activities together. We instantly created a good team and I am pretty sure during April and until the end of September, we will create wonderful activities and memories.

By Nikolia Papadopoulou 

As you may know, we are hosting at the moment our first EVS volunteer, Nikolia, from Greece. She will spend 12 months with us, helping to develop our youth center and create a more active community by volunteering! Each month our volunteer, Nikolia Papadopoulou will share her experience in Romania through a small report. 

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