Arts Lab Report: New volunteers, new experiences

The beginning of the May month starts with the arrival of Michele, new Italian volunteer. Michele is an economic student and will stay here for 3 months. We introduced him to the youth center and the activities, presenting the project and the mission of Asirys. The next Sunday was marked by the arrival of Sabien, Belgian volunteer specialized in handcrafting, who will stay 6 months.

Also the month of May was the month of the elaboration, testing and implementation of the art labs. I created the photography lab, who was pretty successful as the students seem interested in photography, and after the intervention were happy and able to do quick progress by showing really good and creative pictures. I also created the music lab, which for the moment is only implemented in the youth center because I want to discover some methods in order to manage a lot of people for this lab. So, I’m currently thinking of a new version that will be more adapted for big groups.

The middle of the month, 24 youth workers from Europe came from a training course with Mihaela. It was an important moment because a lot of volunteers (some from others associations) came. We had to show them our art labs, and then support them during their art workshop. I can say globally that it was a good experience. After we did some recruiting sessions in the street, play some music in the youth center. The day after we went to Cucuteni to make interventions in the school, visit the museum, and talk with the artist of Cucuteni.

Finally, we went to Bucharest for the on arrival training course, which was pretty intense, because of a lot of information. It was the opportunity to meet a lot of volunteers from all Romania and exchange with them ideas and methods.

Written by Valentin Denis

Valentin is European volunteer for 8 months, in Arts Lab project,  funded by European Voluntary Service, with the support of European Union.