Erasmus Internship Testimonials: Michele Martio, Italy

I started my experience in the Asirys association on second of May when I arrived in the Iasi airport. Everyone were there to welcome me as one of their own, Mihaela, the coordinator and the other volunteers. During my first days I visited the organization's center and the other volunteers explain me the several projects that the association is planning and how it works.

The next Sunday we went to the airport because Sabien, the Belgian girl, came to join us. After her coming we were six volunteers and our group was now complete.

When the next week came everyone of us start their own workshop, I decided to coordinate the sport workshop, so we went in the Târgu Frumos schools to present and involve the kids in our work. They seemed very excited to participate to the games that I prepared for them. Also I started to meet the local volunteers and learning a lot about the Romanian culture, and it was very inspiring for me. Ştefana, an 18 years old local volunteer, said that since we came here the atmosphere is funnier and that we managed to create bonds with the local volunteers in a short period of time. She feels like in a family with us.

The third week of the month 24 youth workers from every country of the Europe came for a training course, it was a very important moment to share our experience with people from different association and with different approaches to the non-formal education. We participated to their workshop in the Cucuteni's school, and it was very interesting to cooperate with them because they prepared interactive workshops for the kids, and it was a pleasure to work in team with them.

The last week of May I went to the Larisa's school,  a school for children with special needs, and the following days I stayed with them during a trip in Bicaz and I visited the "Lacul Rosu" and several monasteries.

That was my first month in Romania and I'm happy now because I'm here and I can share my experience of life with other people.



Written by Michele Martino