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Erasmus Internship Testimonials: Michele Martio, Italy

I started my experience in the Asirys association on second of May when I arrived in the Iasi airport. Everyone were there to welcome me as one of their own, Mihaela, the coordinator and the other volunteers. During my first days I visited the organization's center and the other volunteers explain me the several projects that the association is planning and how it works. The next Sunday we went to the airport because Sabien, the Belgian girl, came to join us. After her coming we were six volunteers and our group was now complete. When the next week came everyone of us start their own workshop, I decided to coordinate the sport workshop, so we went in the Târgu Frumos schools to present and involve the kids in our work. They seemed very excited to participate to the games that I prepared for them. Also I started to meet the local volunteers and learning a lot about the Romanian culture, and it was very inspiring for me. Ştefana, an 18 years old local volunteer, said that since w

Call for a Policy Monitoring and Communication Intern

The European Youth Forum (YFJ) is recruiting an intern for 6 months, starting end January 2014, in the Communications Team within the Secretary-General's Office of the organisation. The internship is full time based at the European Youth Forum secretariat in Brussels.  The successful candidate will work in close coordination with the Communications Team and the Policy Development and Advocacy Department.  Eligible candidates should:  -Have academic background in political science, social sciences, journalism, communication, law or equivalent.  -Be interested in youth policy and have knowledge of some basis of the European and global landscape of youth policy.  -Be available for six months, full-time, starting at the end of January 2014.  The selected candidate will preferably be at her/his first internship experience or not have more than one previous internship experience outside of studies.  The European Youth Forum (YFJ) will offer a compensation of 1.56

Interviu: Sunt Carlos, un mexican în Tîrgu Frumos

Venit cu un internship pentru 2 luni în cadrul ASIRYS, Carlos Andres Alvarado Jimenez, un tânăr mexican, a fost fotograful, cameramanul, voluntarul, media-editorul… de fapt a fost, din august până în septembrie, omul din spatele Departamentului Media a celei mai active organizaţii de tineret din Tîrgu Frumos. Cum a ajuns în România? Printr-un parteneriat ASIRYS şi AIESEC Iaşi. Iată că a venit momentul să publicăm interviul lui Carlos, luat la o cupă de ciocolată caldă, la sediul ASIRYS. M.D.P: Spune-ne câte ceva despre tine. Ce studii ai? Care sunt hobby-urile tale? Carlos: Sunt un mexican de 29 de ani, designer grafic şi fotograf. Am studiat desen grafic, am terminat facultatea acum 5 ani, şi am 7 ani de când lucrez în domeniul desenului grafic, şi 8 ani de când mă ocup de fotografie. Profesional vorbind, îmi doresc să lucrez pentru National Geographic sau un alt ziar de renume. Îmi place profesia mea, dar simt un interes aparte pentru fotoreportaje. Cât despre hobby-uri

Why ReDiscover Romania? A Canadian perspective...

A Canadian’s Observations on Romania  Gelaine Santiago At the end of June, it will be almost 2 months since I first arrived in Romania and began my internship. Despite my 4 years in AIESEC and the travel preparation beforehand – mainly consisting of hours spent on Google and Wikipedia, reading about Romanian culture, language, politics, education, and all things Eastern European – life in Romania has been much more challenging, confusing, frustrating, and more amazing than I could ever have expected. First things first – what am I actually doing in Romania?  I came here with AIESEC’s Global Community Development Programme (GCDP) and I am working at a non-profit organization called Super Tineri ASIRYS. ASIRYS has largely operated out of the small town of Tirgu Frumos since 2008, and has recently expanded its operations into Pascani. As the Director of Organizational Development, I am largely responsible for establishing the new chapter of the NGO,  and essentially restr