Arts Lab Report: My third month in Romania

The month of June started with the Miclăuşeni Festival, which was a big event for families. Asirys was participating for different tasks that support the festival, like welcoming, candy floss, taking care of visitors. I was responsible of the media covering, including mainly the event video. It’s a task that I like because it’s related to one of my main skills, video recording and editing. Also because the environment was a really nice place for this, the castle providing a good storytelling potential. I recorded a lot of scenes that I edited during the month, which was a huge work but pretty enjoyable. The feedback was good so I was happy.

We continue the workshops at the youth center and I was really excited to launch Iron Mind workshop, which is about convince and persuade art, manipulation, negotiation, body language. This workshop was pretty successful as the youth center was full. We also had the Romanian night after it.

I also had this month the opportunity to launch a chess club in the youth center, which was also nice because people came and enjoyed it. I will have the opportunity to teach them some techniques that will enhance their games.

The June month was also a month to prepare the sport event, a project about sports methods for youth. With Sandro and Michele, we drafted a logo, then I put it into digital software to get the logo that was used for the event.

I continued my workshop about the music lab and the French classes. That are more challenging because they are further from my skills and need more attention and pedagogy.

Written by Valentin Denis

Valentin is European volunteer for 8 months, in Arts Lab project,  funded by European Voluntary Service, with the support of European Union.