Arts Lab Report: Time flies so fast

This month passed very quickly, because of all the activities we've done. I made many friends and I loved that I improved my level of English. I can express myself more fluently, although I still want to continue improving. 

We participated in a festival in a beautiful castle with the volunteers from Romania. I had to give a classical ballet lesson, but because there were other girls that could do it, I decided to do face painting for the kids. That reminded me of a job I had in Mexico on my weekends off to earn extra money. It was exciting because there were so many children. 

I am very happy to have Sabien, my roommate, because we have very similar ways of thinking and I can express my feelings with great confidence and she also to me. We went to a lake, we discovered a very cool cafe that is where we were going when we want to relax. 

I've been also in a trip in Greece where I visited a Meteora site in the city of Trikala and few more places. I made new friends too and the funniest thing of all was that the boy I made the trip with did not speak much English and my level is not very high, but in the end there was no need to say much, because we understood each other.

I started to teach dances in a larger room than usual, which was extraordinary. Because I have more and more students, this room has no windows, which gives a fresh feeling. This space is not finished yet, but it is still fine for my activities.

In the last week I came up with the idea of giving another workshop on physical conditioning. Since it is the exercise I do every morning and my brother Michele, who is another roommate, asked me to teach him my routine, we decided to the workshop together. 

The heat starts to rise and I really want to go to the beach, fortunately I was able to go in Greece, although only for one day, but it was very satisfying.

Written by Ebet Nathanel Bautista

Ebet is European volunteer for 8 months, in Arts Lab project,  funded by European Voluntary Service, with the support of European Union.


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