Shake your comfort zone, dance the experience!

 “Romania? What is Romania?” Ebet asked herself before taking the decision to come and spend in Târgu Frumos eight months of her life. She’s 29 and came from Mexico for the Arts Lab project, supported and financed by Erasmus+ and implemented by ASIRYS Super Tineri NGO. In Romania was cold at that time and that was the very first thing that hit her here, but the friendly people who welcomed her in the community made Ebet feel a warmth that eclipsed the winter weather. “With me, all the people were polite and gave me attention” she said smiling happily, recalling the nice moments spent here.

Ebet Nathanael Bautista studied Communication Sciences for four years in Mexico, but her burning passion is dancing. She started at 17, learning at the Royal Academy of Dance in Barcelona and now she knows jazz, ballet classic, contemporary, belly dance, medieval, ancestral, traditional Mexican and learnt the traditional Romanian dances as well. She came in Romania to discover more dances and to experience life in another country, as well as improving her English skills.

After many dancing workshops with the volunteers from the Youth Center, the kids in schools and the activities organised by the association, Ebet says that she learnt how to work with groups of people and how to keep and manage the control during activities.  She also discovered how to improvise and she realised the importance of having a moment to think about your life.

“In some places, the communication with people was difficult, for example in the train station, but there are many other things that make this place beautiful.” Ebet is impressed by the Romanian traditions and says that it’s amazing how people here live together despite the differences between them. “You don’t forget your traditions!” she noticed, proudly continuing that wherever she has been, she managed to do latin dances workshops and everybody was engaged in her activities.

Even if she missed the Mexican food and her family, Ebet confessed that the best moments from Romania were between different people, with the other international volunteers, smiling without problems. The coexistence with the others, the interest to evolve and meet new people, the personal development achievements were some of her motivation to continue working in the Youth Center. “Enjoy and take advantage of your country, traditions, culture. Chase the opportunities!” 

Ebet wants to come back in Romania and she talks with excitement about her experience. Maybe it was the mămăliga that she loves so much which makes her think this way, or maybe the warm hugs and helpful people convinced her of the beauty of this country. It could also be the stunning landscapes, or the different activities that got her out of her comfort zone. What we know for sure is that she brought energy wherever she has been.

Interview by Ioana Ursache