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Shake your comfort zone, dance the experience!

 “Romania? What is Romania?” Ebet asked herself before taking the decision to come and spend in Târgu Frumos eight months of her life. She’s 29 and came from Mexico for the Arts Lab project, supported and financed by Erasmus+ and implemented by ASIRYS Super Tineri NGO. In Romania was cold at that time and that was the very first thing that hit her here, but the friendly people who welcomed her in the community made Ebet feel a warmth that eclipsed the winter weather. “With me, all the people were polite and gave me attention” she said smiling happily, recalling the nice moments spent here. Ebet Nathanael Bautista studied Communication Sciences for four years in Mexico, but her burning passion is dancing. She started at 17, learning at the Royal Academy of Dance in Barcelona and now she knows jazz, ballet classic, contemporary, belly dance, medieval, ancestral, traditional Mexican and learnt the traditional Romanian dances as well. She came in Romania to discover more dances and to expe

Arts Lab Report: Time flies so fast

This month passed very quickly, because of all the activities we've done. I made many friends and I loved that I improved my level of English. I can express myself more fluently, although I still want to continue improving. We participated in a festival in a beautiful castle with the volunteers from Romania. I had to give a classical ballet lesson, but because there were other girls that could do it, I decided to do face painting for the kids. That reminded me of a job I had in Mexico on my weekends off. It was exciting because there were so many children. I am very happy to have Sabien, my roommate, because we have very similar ways of thinking and I can express my feelings with great confidence and she also to me. We went to a lake, we discovered a very cool cafe that is where we were going when we want to relax. I started to teach dances in a larger room than usual, which was extraordinary. Because I have more and more students, this room has no windows, which gives a fresh feel

Arts Lab Report: My second month in Romania

This month was different, in a good way, as the weather improved. By saying this I mean that the weather stopped being cold and rainy. What I like the most about this country is its landscapes and that everything smells very good. During this month I have improved my English. I want to travel through Romania in order to learn more about its culture and people, because they are different depending on the geographical area (north, south, east, west). I would also like to have more language classes here in order to communicate easier with people here. Also, it is very similar to Spanish and I can learn it easily. At the end of the month we went to Bucharest, which I really loved because the center smells like flowers and the people are super nice and friendly. I met during the training week volunteers from Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, Georgia, Algeria and many more. Different cultures, different education, different way of thinking; I had the opportunity to talk with each one and their s