Arts Lab Report: Discovering Romania and its beauties

June was a month of discovering Romania and make new friends. The situation with the virus improved, so we had the opportunity to go a little further from the city.

The first week we had an approach with the Rroma community in a sector of Târgu Frumos and we learned how they live. We all went to see the abandoned Jewish cemetery and according to the inhabitants of the city, no one was in charge of that territory. We met with the children of the area and they taught us some places and a little of the Rroma language.

The second week begins with the creation of crowdfunding, with the first song about my life and with the intention of deepening the music in Romania. I began to work with the Gisela, a music teacher, and her students. I learned a lot about Romanian music, its rhythms and melodies. Also, we were always meeting more artists.

The third week was a week of recording and meeting new musicians to advance the project. I have walked through the city recording sounds. We visited the town of Strunga to see ancient structures in the area. We also experienced a storm, that teached us about the weather in Romania.

The fourth week I remember the trips we made to Paşcani, Târgu Neamţ and Roman. I started with the creation of crowdfunding, an ambitious project that deals with recording a music album of different musical genres and themes related to Romania. ,

Vrei să cunoști lumea? 

Privește-o de aproape. 

Vrei să-ți placă? 

Privește-o de departe.

               I. L. Caragiale

Written by Omar Franco

Omar is European volunteer for 8 months, in Arts Lab 2.0 project,  funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.


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