Arts Lab Report: Meeting local artists

In August we did the on-arrival online training where we met many new volunteers, that we actually met at the end of the month. 

We also participated in a very beautiful project called Folcloristica where we had to visit communities and do workshops with young people and meet local artists, it was a wonderful experience. In the first village we visited - Butea, we met Constantin, a very friendly musician and Maria, a local poet. The two of them sang a song about the village and how little by little it changed.

In Oțeleni, we met a jive singer of traditional music and he sang acapela some verses for us. The third village was Feredeni where we met the artistic groups trained by Feredeni Parish. The youth choir "Grupul Vocal Hurgheșelul" transmitted us lot of energy. I am happy to discover that children and young people preserve the culture. 

We presented our workshop to local teachers and it was a success, I presented the 20 beautiful things of Târgu Frumos and we also developed learning methods with young people. In the workshops with the young people we began to record songs for our repertoire, we experimented with new music and composition workshops.

Last week we got a short vacation to start the last month strong!

Written by Omar Franco

Omar is European volunteer for 8 months, in Arts Lab 2.0 project, funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.


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