Changemaker: Beatrice Dumitru - I Miss My Dad!

Project Title: I Miss My Dad!

Changemaker Beatrice Dumitru

Message for the world: Help and you will be helped!

1. Previous experience:

No,  I don't have previous experience. 

2. The Problem:

One of the problems of the children from my village is the departure of the parents for working abroad. Personally, I was affected by this issue, as my father left the country for several years due to a lack of financial resources. Migration abroad is an important problem in Romania, some researches say that we have the highest rate in the world, after Syria. The statistics report that the negative effects on the children's life are important: child abuse, neglect, psychological effects as pain, anxiety, depression, the loneliness of children, maternal and paternal deprivation, absence from school, juvenile delinquency, and others. What I personally experienced it was the pain and loneliness, I am missing my father.

3. The Solution: 

I plan to arrange a meeting with a psychologist who can talk to 15 affected children about how we can more easily overcome the pain of having a parent abroad. The participants will be children from my village, affected by migration, who have one of their parents (especially the father) working in another country.

4. Beneficiaries:

15 children from Zmeu will participate to the meeting.

5. Team:  

3 of my closest friends will help me organize and implement the meeting.

6. Objective:

The aim of the project is to share information and healing techniques for 15 children affected by the emigration of a parent, by organizing a meeting with a psychologist.

7. Project duration:  

2 month (March - April 2021)


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