Changemaker: Maria Cezara Murgu - Children's Voice

Project Title: Children's voice

Changemaker Maria Cezara Murgu

Message for the world: ''All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.''  Walt Disney

1. Previous experience:

No, I didn't organize such activities before, but it is never too late. 

2. The Problem:

One of the main problems in my community is low quality education. Most children do not receive an adequate education, because either the family is not interested and does not consider the most important education, or the environment / entourage is toxic and influential.
Children who perform poorly in school do not receive adequate support and are generally blamed by parents and teachers. No one wonders if poor results are not caused by teaching methods, by the fact that a child does not feel appreciated, or because he is not encouraged by his family or the adults around him.
I think every child is good at something. If he has bad results at school, it means that there is a problem with the system, not with the child. If you get a bad grade or you do not have good results at school, the general solution is a punishment from your parents.

3. The Solution: 

I want to organize a meeting with 10 children from my village - Zmeu, where we will talk in an informal way about school, about the importance of education, about the passions and activities they think they are good at. Each child will share an experience with their parents / teachers when they got a bad grade. I will inform the group that the children have the human right to have opinions and for these opinions to be heard and taken seriously. Every child has the right to be heard and to express his or her opinion freely on any matter that concerns him or her. We will watch a film about a child who had the courage to express his opinions and how this had a positive impact on the behavior of his parents. The meeting will end with personal plans, I will encourage each child to reflect and to share how he/she will use the information obtained in his/her life.

4. Beneficiaries:

10 children from Zmeu village.

5. Team:  

2 of my friends will help me to organize the event. 

6. Objective:

My project objective is to promote the right to be listened to and taken seriously, among 10 children from Zmeu village, by organizing an informal meeting.

7. Project duration:  

2 month (March - April 2021)



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