Arts Lab 3.0: Volunteers Assignment

Super Tineri ASIRYS Association is a non-profit and non-political organization, established in 2009 in Târgu Frumos, Romania, which engages youth in order to develop them into leaders of positive and sustainable change for their communities. 

The mission of Super Tineri – ASIRYS is to support the progress of communities in all fields. The organizational priorities are:

  1. To create opportunities for young people;
  2. To promote civic responsibility and diversity;
  3. To preserve cultural heritage;
  4. To support and promote the arts and creative industries.

In February 2020, the organization opened a new youth center (check the 3D presentation) in which it wants to develop activities to address the 4 organizational priorities.  The idea of local volunteers is also to launch a creative café called Mapamond in order to ensure sustainability and raise funds to support local projects and young people's free access to educational and cultural resources.

You decided to join the team of Super Tineri volunteers and you want to give your help in the process. There are three challenges:

  1. You will help the team to design Mapamond café within the youth center. What are your ideas? How it will look? What type of facilities will have? Please, consider the fact that you have a very limited budget to start.
  2. Briefly describe 8 events ideas you would like to organize based on your skills and learning interests. The events should be connected with the 4 organizational priorities mentioned.
  3. Use your talents and create a piece of art that promotes one of the events mentioned at the challenge no. 2.

All answers are correct. Think to your well-being as well and include your learning objectives. Send us your answer by email to


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