Changemaker: Raluca Andreea Lasiana Heleșteanu - Blooming World

Project Title: Blooming World

Changemaker Raluca Andreea Lasiana Heleșteanu

Message for the world: Your opinion will help the world bloom!

1. Previous experience:

No previous experience.  

2. The Problem: 

Freedom of speech is very important to me because children should know how to be open to the world, how to socialize, to teach one another. If this right is not respected, they will not be able to have a normal childhood and, therefore, they won`t find their place in society, which leads to sad adults who aren't in control of their own life.

3. The Solution: 

I will organize a workshop in which I will support 10 participants to share their opinions, by giving them the chance to participate in many games. Through this activity, I want to teach the children how to respect each other, and how important is freedom of speech.

4. Beneficiaries:

10  kids around the ages 6 to 13 will be a part of my workshop.

5. Team:  

I will do the event all by myself.

6. Objective:

My SMART goal is to make the world a better place by teaching 10 children about their right to freedom of expression by organizing a workshop full of games and innovative ways of learning.

7. Project duration:  

2 month (March - April 2021)


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