Changemaker: Iasmina Mancaș - Art Sun Club: My education, my future

Project Title: Art Sun Club: My education, my future

Changemaker: Iasmina Mancaș

Message for the world: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

1. Previous experience:

I organized various activities that dealt with the right to education, specifically the rights of the students. I participated in various workshops on this topic.

2. The Problem: 

Unfortunately, Covid-19 restrictions had a negative impact on children's education. Most of the Romanian children claimed that they couldn't properly learn during online classes and they need private classes to recover the learning gaps. But not all parents' children afford to pay for extra lessons, especially when is about learning a foreign language such as English. This school subject becomes a priority only in the secondary or high school cycle. By deepening the English language from the primary classes, children can have a broader general culture, at the same time relieving social anxiety when they are put in front of a conversation with a person who does not know the Romanian language.

3. The Solution: 

I propose to establish a free of charge English language club where the children can learn the basics of this language through non-formal activities, but also through art. Some of the activities of this club will be:
-"Shake it Up”: this activity aims to teach the  participants, through various choreographs, the human body in English, on suggestive songs.
- "The moppets": we will create, together with children, handmade dolls from recyclable materials, learning the materials from which they are made. Upon completion, we will make a small skit in English.
- ”Shakespeare or Disney": this activity aims to learn English through films and books.
- "Craft with me": we propose to discover together the basics of drawing, origami and other practical handwork activities. Thus, children will learn colors, geometric shapes, working tools, but also numbers.
- "Sing, Sing, Sing!": we aim to learn songs in English.

4. Beneficiaries:

The beneficiaries of the English club will be 30 children aged between 7 and 12 years.

5. Team:  

During the organization of the English club I will be helped by a young person, who will be actively involved in the creation of materials that will be presented to the members of the club, but also in its development.

6. Objective:

My goal is to contribute to the children right to go to school and learn, regardless of who they are, where they live or how much money their family has, by offering free English lessons under a language club, to 30 children in Târgu Frumos town.

7. Project duration:  

2 months (March - April 2021)


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