Arts Lab 3.0.: Krista Lipska - a month of trips

My August started with a little trip to Bucharest where we were saying last goodbyes to Craftastic Youth Exchange participants. My first impressions are that the streets of Bucharest are really crowded and full of movement in all possible directions, but the walk we had in the Old Town of Bucharest was pleasingly calm and gave me a safe place feeling with all the old buildings and cobblestone underneath my feet.

I am glad that in August I could proceed with my Body Painting Lab and giving free space of expressing themselves underneath connecting topics. Every time it made me happier and happier to see all of my young artists getting much free and letting themselves be the personalities they are. Seeing their interest and support in these workshops for me is really heart-warming and important.

In August I finally had an opportunity to try out my hands in creating with clay. I am really grateful that Demet led us into the new world of this art which feels like meditation and releasing all stress and tension. This was handy as well in process of creating ceramics pendants for “Folcloristica” festival.

“Folcloristica” was quite an intense experience with organising, participating, and trying to take care of things that must be done, but at the same time, it was really productive, fulfilled with cultural exchange and new experiences. On the first day we were seeing performances of local artists and afterward we-volunteers- were presenting ourselves and our country. In my presentation I was teaching Romanians Latvian folk kid plays and seeing them so involved made me so delighted and homesick at the same time. Our hosts, from Ciurbești village, were so welcoming – on the first day they prepared traditional Romanian lunch we could fully enjoy. Furthermore, in the evening they had a “Treasure hunt” in Ciurbești which gave a delightful ending to the first day because we were welcomed to join and explore surrounding and mesmerizing sights. On the second day, I was honored to be part of the jury for the contest between villages of Iași County for the title of the most beautiful village of 2021-2022. As well we had trips to Butea and an adorable experience going to children's camp next to Ruginoasa. 
Written by Krista Lipska.  
Krista is volunteering within Arts Lab 3.0 project, funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.