Craftastic: Dissemination - Estonian team

 Craftastic was an 8-day youth exchange, held in Târgu Frumos, Iași county, Romania, involving 46 participants, aged between 16 and 30 years old, from 8 countries: Romania, France, Estonia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and the Czech Republic. The topics addressed by the project were: environmental protection, recycling, and entrepreneurship.  

The Estonian group of Craftastic project did the following dissemination activities:

*Ingrid Tärk did a small workshop where she talked about the project and Erasmus+ opportunities. There were involved 7 participants.  

*Kärolin Liik involved 10 young people in her dissemination activity. She introduced Craftastic project to a group of friends. She showed pictures, explained what we did and how was the process - the activities that led to producing actual items out of 'trash' and what we actually produced by the end of this. The participants got more ideas how their everyday trash could be recycled. Also they got inspiration for their everyday lives overall, how to use less and be more environmentally friendly. The participants all said that it's a really interesting concept and especially good for younger people. They said that this should be implemented more by different designers and maybe even bigger companies in the future. 

Craftastic is a project funded by Erasmus Plus programme, with the support of European Union. 


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