Craftastic: Dissemination - Italian team

Craftastic was an 8-day youth exchange, held in Târgu Frumos, Iași county, Romania, involving 46 participants, aged between 16 and 30 years old, from 8 countries: Romania, France, Estonia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and the Czech Republic. The topics addressed by the project were: environmental protection, recycling, and entrepreneurship.  

The Italian group of Craftastic project did the following dissemination activities: 

*Elvin Hunbatov din offline activities involving his friends. He shared information about the youth exchange and they decided together to go to Tuscany and clean those area from plastics. The plastic was deposited in special containers designed for recycling.

*Francesco Maria Iachetta shared his learning achievements through a testimonial, he posted in social media and reached 125 people:

''Our plastic footprint on the environmental health involves the entire world population. During the project we had the opportunity to compare, with other young people from different European countries, different ways to recycle plastic, in order to reduce the negative impact that it has on our planet. Specifically, our Italian team decided to show an initiative called “Trash Challenge” that took place in Foggia, one of the biggest town in Puglia, Italy, through which a group of volunteers who loves its own city, wants to remove it from lawlessness and environmental degradation. They transported a decommissioned refrigerator to the streets of Foggia by bike and turned it into a library accessible to all. They called it “Librifero”, that is a combination of book and refrigerator in Italian.  Furthermore, it represents a cultural exchange because the users of the Librifero have the possibility to donate their own books and to share them with the whole community. At the same time, they can bring a book totally free.

This experience has enriched us so much and given us so many opportunities for growth. We came back to Italy with a new awareness about the environment but also about how nice it is to share with people from outside our own country.'' 

*Giorgia Castiglione, Saverio Verace and Maria Rita Consalvo decided to do the dissemination about the youth exchange in Romania, with their parents and friends, by describing the activities related to the plastic recycling. They also wrote an online article in order to reach a bigger amount of people because they believe everyone should be aware of the problems related to the planet health.

The people they talked with seemed very enthusiast about the activities during the project and most of them decided to look for Erasmus + opportunities. With this activities they managed to reach more than 100 people.

Craftastic is a project funded by Erasmus Plus programme, with the support of European Union. 


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