Schimb de tineri în Franța: 5-25 noiembrie 2022

În perioada 5-25 noiembrie, Asociația Satele Tinerilor, din Franța, găzduiește schimbul de tineri ''What do you do with waste?''. Din partea asociației noastre, vom trimite un grup format din 4 tineri (18-30 de ani) și un lider de grup (minim 18+ani). Proiectul se desfășoară în munții Alpi și propune activități de protecție a mediului, implementând conceptul zero deșeuri. Pe parcursul mobilității, tinerii implicați vor organiza un festival cultural, învățând despre gastronomia și meșteșugurilor localnicilor.

Pentru a aplica, vă rugăm să completați acest formular: APPLY HERE

Organizația noastră nu percepe niciun fel de taxe. Pentru a testa motivația, participanții care nu sunt voluntari ai organizației, vor realiza cel puțin o activitate de voluntariat, la alegere. După întoarcerea din mobilitate, este obligatoriu ca participanții să realizeze cel puțin o activitate de împărtășire a experienței de învățare, în echipă, în România.

Mai multe informații despre proiect, AICI. Programul de activități se poate consulta AICI.


In the heart of the Hautes - Alpes, the organization “Les Villages des Jeunes” has been managing, livening up and renovating the reception centre of Vaunières since 1964. It is an old mountain hamlet, now a “springboard” place for youth and adults experiencing family, health or professional difficulties, and who need to take some time to recharge, acquire new skills and reflect on their plans. Vaunières is also a place where families, tourists and people with disabilities come on holiday to enjoy the calm of the mountains and the dynamics of the place. The work-camps that we organise in Vaunières with volunteers from all over the world allow us to strengthen the cultural diversity of our activities and to make this site open to the world, a place where people of all ages and all social and cultural backgrounds agree to meet by working together and sharing collective life.


We live in the heart of the mountain, in a very protected and isolated area. We want to reduce our environmental impact. Our daily question is: What to do with waste? The youth exchange aims to allow participants to exchange on the five “R” waste policy: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot.


For this youth exchange, we invite you to participate in activities around zero waste, namely the creation of natural products, meetings with local actors (local producers, resource center...), cooking workshops around this theme, the construction of objects, furniture from recycled materials. You will also participate to the organisation of a Festival and imagine some workshop to animate during this event.

This exchange, apart from the "zero waste" theme, will also be an opportunity for you to meet people from different countries, with varied backgrounds.

During this exchange, you will also be able to experience life within a collective. There will therefore be workshops to offer to organize daily life, activities. Everyone is expected to take part in everyday life.

You will be fully involved in this exchange! You can therefore offer workshops, activities.


You will be accommodated in our centre and will sleep 3 or 4 members of same gender in dormitories. You will have access to all the facilities of the centre (dining room, kitchen, showers and toilets). Daily tasks (meals, cleaning, etc.) are shared with all volunteers.

You will organise your free time and leisure that could fit to the group expectations, regarding budget, time and available leisure. Therefore, you plan and realize free- time activities together in the region around the project place. It is up to each of you to take an active role in the camp life in a way that is comfortable for you and for the whole group.

These possibilities can be really diversified (regional tourism, local events, inhabitants’ meetings, green tourism, etc.). It is the responsibility of all participants to organise your free time and to participate to the good dynamism of the group.

The closest cities are: Gap (40 km), Grenoble (100 km), Sisteron (60 km).

Participants should be aged 18 to 30. There is no age limit for group leaders. No specific skills are required to take part in this project, just a strong motivation to experience a multicultural collective life. Participants having experience in this field and willing to share their knowledge are welcome! Bring your music instruments and songs with you if you got some.

The full group will consist of 20 participants. Please note that other groups will live with you at Vaunières at the same time: volunteers, teenagers, permanents, workers.

The language used during the exchange will depend on the group and the capacities of each volunteer, but English and French are the common languages on these projects.


The closest airports with the easiest connections to Veynes Devoluy are Marseille Provence, Lyon Saint Exupéry, Paris, Grenoble. Shuttle buses make the connections between the airports and the stations.

You can check train time tables on (or look at the possibilities below); You have to go to Veynes Dévoluy train station.

If you come by car, please take a detailed map! We will meet at Veynes Devoluy train station. Check out the advice roads on:

About the reimbursement:
We can reimburse your tickets up to 275 € and for that you have to keep the original tickets, boarding pass.


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