Arts Lab 4.0: Month I, Sara Torrijos - A warm hug

A month has passed since I started my voluntary adventure, I still remember the moment when I applied for the project and all my expectations. I arrived at Târgu Frumos on August 17, and I was met by Mihaela and Federica at the train station. That was when all my fears disappeared.

The place and the people made me feel very safe and at home. When I arrived at the Super Tineri (ASIRYS) Center I met another colleague, Yavuzhan.

Firstly, I have spent the past several weeks meeting and learning more about my colleagues' countries and traditions. Immediately we became good friends and began to understand the Arts Lab 4.0 project, the idea of the alternative museums of Folklore, Cucuteni, Jewish Memorial Open Museum, and Roma Museum.

Secondly, we started our class on the Romanian language and visit more places near our town, Iaşi, Suceava, and Piatra Neamţ. Sharing this time with my colleagues and the other local volunteers and our new friends, Alexandra and Elena were really amazing.

The warmth you find in the people and places of this country is like a warm hug from a friend that recharges your energy. It is the feeling of belonging and finding your own identity. Meeting great people who have ideas and aspirations that are very similar to your own.

Feeling that every day is special and unique and want to enjoy every minute as if it were the result of an unexpected coincidence in our life.

Sara Torrijos is doing a long-term volunteering project in our organisation, under Arts Lab 4.0, a project funded by European Solidarity Corps, a programme of the European Union.


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