Arts Lab 4.0: Month I, Chiara Gentili - Connections, discoveries, roller coasters

Connections, discoveries, roller coasters.
These are the words I want to use to describe my first month in Romania.

The beginning of my new adventure was very fast, but at the same time full of stories, traditions, smiles and emotions. 

The warmth and welcome I received immediately made me feel part of a new big family on which I could rely.

The activities I had the opportunity to develop were very varied and stimulating. Together with the guys of the team we have in fact created different workshops that have put us in greater contact with local traditions and in particular with folklore. This culture is pulsating and lives thanks to the generations that with enviable care continue to transmit the history that unites them.

I really want to continue to discover this heritage, to fully immerse myself in the emotions that this adventure is giving me and to let myself be transported into the future that awaits us.

Chiara Gentili is from Italy and she's doing a six-month volunteering project under Arts Lab 4.0, funded by European Union through European Solidarity Corps Programme.