Arts Lab 4.0: Month III, Sara Torrijos - Inspiring & creative

When I look at the calendar and see that I have been living in Romania for 3 months already, I can hardly believe it!

The last month has been fully of experiences and activities, among them, being involved in the Folcloristica Festival (VIII) the last week of October was an incredible experience where we could see some of the most representative dancing performances of different villages.

The Turkish international night was very funny, we could enjoy with the company of the local volunteers and I could see my friends and dance with them.

The final exposition of MAF Muzeul Alternativ de Folclor was undoubtedly the most awaited moment for everyone, we worked really hard in our final products, I finished a beautiful board game with 34 cards illustrated by students, friends and local artists in the community. I’m feeling really excited with this project and with the help of Alin, we created the online game.

Also, I created the identity of my board game called MYTH, the logotype and identity of the Muzeul Alternativ de Folclor and the catalogue.

My colleagues presented a lot of beautiful works sculpture, drawings, performances, films,… it was very inspiring and creative.

I can’t wait for see the future exhibitions and at the same time share with my colleagues new workshops and experiences with the children. During this time I developed new skills working with the young people and see on me a new vocation being a teacher of art.

I want to continue with the previous and new ideas and make them greater.

I am very glad to work with the local volunteers and with the community and see the happiness that they make in me. 

Sara Torrijos is doing a long-term volunteering project in our organisation, under Arts Lab 4.0, a project funded by European Solidarity Corps, a programme of the European Union.